i have no real identity whatsoever

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i, trevor, am simply an entity which exists to hate all microsoft
operating systems.

i hate all microsoft operating systems with eggs and toast. i hate all
microsoft operating systems with tuna spread. i hate all microsoft
operating systems with veal tenderloin and i hate all mocrosoft operating
systems with a particularly fine chirazz no matter how chirazz is

i have always hated all microsoft operating systems. i will always hate
all microsoft operating systems.

the more they build, the more i hate them.

should they build less, i will diminish.

i exist in a strict linear relationship with microsoft operating systems.

when they die, i die.

which i have begun to long for.

adopt linux. install firefox.

and suffer me no more.

much love,

trevor, the hater of all microsoft operating systems, and very little
else. besides being a project manager, which is so diffuse a term as to
be almost self-nullifying.

p.s. Tom likes the monicker Zeld-Man so much that he's thinking about
putting it on the business card as his title. is that undignified or
what? your comments welcome and no offense intended to the Guru but would
he please stop sending spies to peek in my windows? my pitbull is getting
nervous and you don't want a nervous FleaMonster around, trust me.

p.p.s. look for linkSpheric in a couple of weeks. currently in alpha,
linkSpheric will be another directory/link management application but
even better because it's default template will be orange. it has other
features, some of which are colored yellow. it will be LAMP, it utilizes
Tom's spontaneous Ajax model, it just might validate from tail to
teakettel and it will come as close to standards compliance as possible
for an RDB piece with lots of javascript. i could talk more about
javascript, but as i said, my job is to hate all microsoft operating
systems. somewhere there is somebody who's existence is defined by hating  
javascript, so that angle is covered.

we have spots for two more beta testers who will receive a free perpetual
license for one site in return for their participation. please ignore
this great offer and do not email salesATdatasphericDOTcom. selected beta
testers will be those with the hairiest link management headaches OR the
most useless directory concept which make us laugh the loudest OR a
designer who has a buring ambition to make some incredible standards-
compliant skin for the most useless directory concept and get us all into

actually, the whole criteria for who gets to be a beta tester is up for
grabs and your suggestions are welcome. for the criteria or the beta
testers. but only two. beta testers that is. given as i have to spend
most of my time hating all microsoft operating systems, this is just a
side thing, we already have two beta testers and i can't manage more than
four of you.

license restrictions may not apply to your state of mind. professional
driver on a closed course. kids, get your parent's permission. actual
milleage may vary. this offer is void where prohibited. se habla espanol.
please consult www.dataSpheric.com to see the orange and the yellow.


Re: i have no real identity whatsoever

And lo, trevor didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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Dude.  Chill.  We really don't need to know about everything that goes on  
in your world.

OTOH, whatever you're smoking, I want some...


Re: i have no real identity whatsoever

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How sad.

I recently had to edit a 320 mB text file. I tried in KWrite under
Linux. It crashed, repeatedly.

I tried in Word under XP, it worked.

I edited my text file.

I was happy.

I shagged the wife.

The moral of this story is simple. Don't be bigoted, use what works,
be happy, and get laid.


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