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Don't throw mw out just yet. ;-)
I want to start a kinda group / blog / news site, focused on the
situation in the world at the moment, but specifically what is outside
the general eye of the press. I live in Africa, I watch movies made by
hollywood directors about africa and they make me feel uneasy. the
things that happen in the world that the media ignores, I want then to
be opened up.
As a community minded person, I brought this idea to a community of
experianced professionals to be crited. It's a new idea, a baby idea,
but one that carries a lot of emotional baggage.
Please help me channel and grow this idea with your advice and

Re: I have a dream

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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Track #1: select and secure a domain name.
Track #2: search for similar models on the web - try to work out what  
community tools works best for your idea.

That's probably enough to be getting on with for now.

William Tasso


Re: I have a dream

William Tasso wrote:
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Names are always the difficult part.
I was thinking along the lines of mambo and this PHP gallery package I
Wiki is nice I think, but I've never used it before. wiki also strikes
me as LOTS of text, few small pics, the picture I have in my mind is
LOTS of nice pics, little text.

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Steven wrote:
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Actually, there is such an effort underway already, and it's beginning
to pick up some momentum. You might want to consider bringing your
enthusiasm, skill, and perspective to that project. Check out:
 > http://wikinews.org /

David J. Hennessy
http://maidix.com /
http://davidhennessy.net /

Re: I have a dream

David Hennessy wrote:
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Wikinews looks good....
it is a bit deflating when u arrive excited at the finnish alone, only
to reasile u're not there alone first, but merely too far behind the
crowd to be noticed ;-)
I must check it out. maybe it's what I was thinking of, otherwise it
will have some competition ;-)

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