i hate affiliate marketing sites

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I did some research on these sites and discovered that;

Many of the owners  boasted about how many people bought their useless
products. I repeatedly found:

   1. Outdated Information
   2. No real support
   3. Products. (Many of them didn't even have any real products, they
just wanted you to recruit new people into the business)
   4. Links that were supposed to give me all kinds of info turned out
to be dead and sent me nowhere
   5. There weren't any real opportunities to achieve a full-time
income right away
   6. Zero Customer Service, once you part with your money your left
hanging out to dry all by yourself
   7. A lack of any detailed information, all generalities, no
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Re: i hate affiliate marketing sites


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Well, I have repeatedly found crappy sites when following links posted
by spammers to this group.

"Can anyone tell me how to convert more readers to do more than just
read the stuff on here? or is it because Adsense doesnt work?  Tell me
why i have all these hits and not a single click."

I doubt many of your visitors stay long enough to read your site. It is
difficult to read because the text is too small and you're using white
and red text on a black background.

Your site needs a redesign to make it more visitor-friendly.


Re: i hate affiliate marketing sites

alfyopare wrote:
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What everyone else with a brain already knows?

Re: i hate affiliate marketing sites

A lot of Affiliate type products are outdated.
If fact, some of them have been around since the early 90's.

The key to any type of online business is that
(1) it must be able to produce a reasonable amount of income within a
reasonable amount of time with solid effort.
(2) the support must be human, not some textual explaination.

Selling online is difficult enough without the NO Support type
businesses.  There are many good affiliate and network marketing
business models out there.  All you have to do is look and research
what looks promising!  Good luck out there!

Erik Blair, Inner Circle

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