I cant understand pagerank importance on google

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There is something I can't explain with google.
A few years ago I've made a pair of amateur web sites about the place I live
in on geocities.
I almost forgot about them, but shortly I redescovered them and found out
some interesting things.
Both of them have a good pagerank of 5 (I see it with the google toolbar).
But only one of them is usually visited by users coming from google, the
second one would be virtually unseen if it had not links from the first one.

the link are the following


Now the situation is a little bit changed from the one that lasted for
1) As opposed to the first one, the second site has been without keyword for
years (now I added them but without success)
2) On the second site there was not a link to the first.

So the situation was that for years: the first site has haved link from
other web sites that increased its pagerank and in turn links of this site
(and not elsewhere) increased the second site pagerank.
Why now the second site is not indexed properly on google if it is ok with
keywords (many worst pageranked sites are better than it)?

Maybe because of the bad keywords situation lasted years?
Or because a heavy factor is the fact that it is only linked by one website?



Re: I cant understand pagerank importance on google

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If those key words are not in the body of the text on the page, they
don't mean squat. I don't even bother with key word tags anymore and
it hasn't hurt my ranking at all.

Tom J

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