I can't believe AffordableHost

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They've sent me an invoice, in spite of the fact that we haven't been
hosted by them for more than a year. Not only that, they threaten to
charge it to my credit card (without  my authorization) if I don't go
through all the dance steps to do it myself.

What the ...?

I've said on my trouble ticket to them (of course, they don't answer
emails) that I would instigate legal action against them if they do

Will AH follow me into my next life?


Re: I can't believe AffordableHost

Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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Happens all the time in the hosting trade.  block the payment and move on.

oh yeah - keep copies of as much as you can in the event they get silly  
with the legal nonsense.

William Tasso


Re: I can't believe AffordableHost

Mary Sunshine wrote:
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I feel your pain. On my desk I have two bills from a colo provider that
I haven't used in 6 months. The owner, a parasitic "friend," stopped
being so friendly when I pointed out the discrepancy. I also have two
recent bills for health insurance from a company that I haven't been
insured through for roughly the same amount of time. (The second one was
mailed just days after I was promised not to receive another fraudulent
bill.) There are a lot of businesses -- one would call them
"disreputable," if not for their global name recognition -- who continue
to bill until you raise a tizzy (and sometimes even afterwards). This is
actually a major issue in America, which is why American news coverage
on it is nil. (One of Ralph Nader's campaign promises was to reform the
fraudulent billing practices that are rampant in corporate America.)

They rely on the fact that most business owners don't do their own
billing. Or, if they do, they're hoping they don't pay attention while
they do it. I would give a company the benefit of the doubt, if this
weren't so rampant & predictable.

Recently I had to go several rounds with IBM; seems they decided, based
on one purchase that I made for a client over a year ago, that I needed
a purchase of a new support product they invented. So they sent me a
bill for it, along with a letter threatening the consequences of

Needless to say, I had other consequences in mind, and I did not mind
being just a tad rude about it. :-)

David J. Hennessy
http://david.maidix.com /

Re: I can't believe AffordableHost

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Being rude to IBM lawyers is not just an option, it is an obligation:


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