I am leaving blogger.com

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In the short period of time that I have used blogger, I have absolutely
had it with them.  There has been several times when blogger has been
down and my two blogs have been inaccessable, even the blogger.com blog
that I have hosted on my ISP, seems to be inaccessable when blogger.com
and blogspot are down.  Unless anyone knows any better software to
build a blog, I am going to go to Wordpress.  I've had it with blogger.
 I am really surprised that blogger has been down so much, because
isn't it owned by Google?  Or did Google sale it to someone else?
maybe that's what the problem is.  Have a good remainder of the

Chris H


Re: I am leaving blogger.com

On 21 Oct 2006 Chris H. wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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So just what is your problem with blogger?

Yorkshire Pete
http://yorkshirepete.com /

Re: I am leaving blogger.com

Yorkshire Pete wrote:
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Is this an attempt at sarcastic humour Yorkshire Pete?:-)  Been to
Yorkshire, by the way.  Beautiful part of the world.
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