hyphen or not?

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For example:
www.joesbakery.com  or

The first is easier to type and more customary, but the second is more readable.

Is there any detriment to adding the hyphen?

Do you think people are likely to remember the name but forget the hyphen when
they try to access the page and then give up?

Re: hyphen or not?

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Register both, and 301 redirect the non-hyphen one to the hyphen one. On
the other hand, if you have enough Joe's Bakery on your site I doubt the
hyphen adds much extra weight.


Google makes bokma bold in johnbokma.com


view source -> <b>john</b><b>bokma</b>.com

So I would say, if the words are on your page, Google is able to recognize
them in the domain as well, and might give you the extra advantage.

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Re: hyphen or not?

John Bokma wrote:

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Domain names are only $7 -- buy them both.  I would go with the non-hyphen
though.  To me, hyphenated domain names say, "someone already bought my
perfect domain name so I had to get my second choice".  :)

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Re: hyphen or not?

Hi Aron -

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Host names are never case-sensitive so if I were to only register one,
I would register joesbakery.com and advertise it as

http://www.kensims.net /

Re: hyphen or not?

Ken Sims wrote

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Good point.

Charles Sweeney

Re: hyphen or not?

Aron wrote

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How many people will read the name versus hear the name?

If they see it in print it doesn't matter much if it has a hyphen or

I have registered 500 names in my time, none of them with a hyphen, and
I never will.

For me the name has to be easily spoken.

Charles Sweeney

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