HUGE page-weights on ebay ==> should we all follow suit? (i.e. What should 'best practice...

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I have noticed that on ebay most Lot pages now seem to be INCREDIBLY
heavy - i.e. up to about 30 or 40 images that are large (e.g. 640x480

For example take this page:

As far as I can see, it has about 1.8 MB of images on it!

Now it is all very well for us perfectionists to talk about 'best
practice' pages being no larger than 100KB or 150KB... (or even less),
but the boys on ebay aren't putting images up just for fun. They are
clearly doing it because it SELLS PRODUCT !

So, now that almost user in the UK (who is worth having) is now on
Broadband, it seems to us that now is the time to rethinking what
"best practice" page weight should be for us retailers.

The bottom line is that users want to be able to see LOADS of images
on everything that they are thinking of buying. And why not?

- Any thoughts?

Shiperton Henethe

Re: HUGE page-weights on ebay ==> should we all follow suit? (i.e. What should 'best practice' be?)

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Hmm.. there are some interesting issues with this.

Its true that many customers now are on broadband, but its still not
universal.  Furthermore, ebay is kind of a unique case, where people
go to buy used merchandise.  If I were going to purchase new
merchandise (whatever it was), all I would need to do would be to get
a good idea of how it looked.  If I were going to purchase something
used, on the other hand, I would want to be able to inspect it from
all angles in great detail to be able to see exactly what kind of
condition it was in, etc.

So, just because ebay is showing a lot of big photos, doesn't mean
that all webpages should.  It has to be specific to your user, and the
task they want to accomplish...


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