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I have just begun learning HTML, and yes, I started at the bottom with
the old version.  I am currently working on XHTML, and hope to be
updated soon.  Anyway, I am currently working on my own site
implimenting what I am learning, and I have run up against a problem.
I like to use the HTML frames on my pages, but when I create the page

<frameset cols= "10%, 80%, 10%">

<frame src="Frame.htm">
<frame src="mypage.htm">
<frame src="Frame.htm">


The content of "mypage" would seem to me to be virtually lost to
spiders because it is not on that home page.  Am I right in thinking
this, or can a spider find my content anyway?

Also, I am working with a CSS for my site, can it be in one major
folder and individual pages be in other folders and it still work?


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Karl Groves

Re: HTML Frames

Karl Groves wrote:
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Not script frames, I know those are bad.  I mean frames like picture
fames.  Much like the second article page that you listed.  How can I
do that a different way?

Thank you,

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ppcqueen wrote:
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Yes, one .css file can be used by pages all over your site, so long as
you know the path to it.

Just use relative paths, with the two periods marking "up one folder"
("../" is the parent folder, "../../" would be the parent folder of the
parent folder, etc.)

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