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Just wanting to get opinions on this: what ones have you used and what
do you think works best?

Would appreciate some reasons offered (ie "MyFormatter is best because
it makes pretty pictures") to help me evaluate the options.


Re: HTML auto-formatter

__/ [ Tony ] on Monday 27 March 2006 21:53 \__

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Pardon my ignorance, but what are auto-formatters? Are you thinking about
tools that generate 'markup on the fly' of WYSIWYG paradigms? Are you
talking about sanitisation tools such as HTMLTidy? Is it a stylesheet
switcher type of tool? As in "change template and change page layout 'on the
fly'"? I personally, find that the best tool for page composition are
content management systems. To me, these seem like best bar none, unless you
come to consider rich text editors.

Best wishes,


Re: HTML auto-formatter

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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Sorry for the lack of clarity -

I've also heard them called "beautifiers" - but basically what I'm
looking for is something that would take this: (I know it's senseless
HTML - just for discussion!)

<div><span>stuff here</span><div>Something here <span>Something

and turn it into:

     stuff here
     Something here
       Something else

What would that be called?

Re: HTML auto-formatter

__/ [ Tony ] on Wednesday 29 March 2006 18:26 \__

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Ah! That's HTMLTiday, which was my first guess in the previous message. It
does excellent job and it's free. /

Best wishes and good luck,


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Re: HTML auto-formatter

Tony wrote:
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Something that works and doesn't fight me. So that tends to mean either
nothing (beyond basic typing) or else whatever my favourite editor does
by default.

Formatting HTML just isn't a big deal (watch out for surplus whitespace
appearing where it hurts though).  Worry about something else instead.

Re: HTML auto-formatter wrote:

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It is a big deal when you have a bunch of HTML output by an ASP.NET page
that you're trying to debug...

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