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This on Slashdot this morning:


Re: HTML 5

paul wrote:

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HTML 5 is actually pretty nifty. The new CMS I'm working on
< has experimental HTML 5 support.

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Re: HTML 5 wrote:
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I feel a rant coming on...     >:-(

I admit to never having understood Slashdot. I never understood how to
use it efficiently, because the UI is always in my way. I conclude that
either I am not technically-minded enough to grasp the metaphor or the
usage modes (and therefore don't deserve to read the site), or I *could*
understand it if I stayed around long enough, but lose interest long
before I get enlightened. Even I'm not that much of a masochist.

I don't understand my "threshold," I don't understand the modding
system. I don't like having to click so much to see all the posts.

And in the end, it doesn't seem worth the time, even without all the
extra mouse-clicks, because the content itself is far from enlightening.
Slashdot invariably comes across not as a gathering of tech-minded
colleagues, but more like revenge of the nerds, where guys who use
computers can bully and make fun of the other posters the way the
athletic guys bullied the smart weak kids in junior high school. Seems
to be a lot of fanaticism and very little thoughtfulness.

This post, in particular, goes beyond that. (Not *your* post, Paul, I
mean the one you point to on /.) It's not particularly timely or
accurate. Much worse is the low level of knowledge displayed by the
learned individuals commenting on the post and down-thread. It starts
off with some guy saying, "I still design pages using HTML 3.2 standard.
Life was happy when pages were small and simple." and complaining about
how kids today are ruining society with their long hair and loud music.
The down-threaders appear largely (I'd guess 80%, at least) not to have
followed any of the links in the OP. There's little informed commentary
about what the W3C's move is or would mean. It's like a high-school
cafeteria in there.


John (feeling much better now)  :-)

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