htaccess redirect root & archives to different location

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I'm trying to move my blog to a new server, but retain my old archives
at the same time.

I've setup different DNS records for each.
should redirect to my archived Wordpress installation if someone hits
it via Google. should go to my

I've got my oldschool setup working.  I'm unable to figure out how to
additionally set it so anyone that visits or will be automatically forwarded to the subdomain.

Here's what I have in my htaccess file.  Any help would be

RewriteCond % ^(www\.)?carpeaqua\.com
RewriteRule ^archives(/.*)?$ $1

Thanks for the help.

Re: htaccess redirect root & archives to different location

After a bit more reading, I think I might have found a solution.

RewriteCond % ^(www\.)?carpeaqua\.com
RewriteRule ^archives(/.*)?$ $1
RewriteRule $^ [R=301,L]

Not sure if its the most efficient (feedback welcomed), but it looks
to be working.

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