htaccess redirect problem

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I've just tried to add a simple redirect in my htaccess:

Redirect / /

But it does a recursive (somehow) redirect ... after a few seconds,
the URL in my browser changes to /


Re: htaccess redirect problem

dieter mueller wrote:

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Because it will also redirect anything after the / to the new location,
meaning that it will, in this case, go through an infinite loop.

Try this instead:

Redirect /index.html /

That way, you'll only redirect requests for the index file at the
document root level instead of the entire directory tree.

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Re: htaccess redirect problem

And lo, dieter mueller didst speak in alt.www.webmaster:

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You've just told your server to redirect *everything* - including - to /

It's not hard to understand if you consider that the path of starts with / just like /

If all you want to do redirect users landing at to all you need to do is get a bit more specific:

RedirectMatch ^/$ /blog/

This will redirect a path of / (and *only* /) to the blog directory.  One  
of the bonus features of the RedirectMatch directive is that it lets you  
specify target URIs relative to the current domain[1].


[1] Or the assigned server name if UseCanonicalName is set to On in your  

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Re: htaccess redirect problem

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Grazie mille!

Re: htaccess redirect problem

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Hmmm, I think you will find that it should read, redirect 301
I hope that helps a bit.

Regards Chad.

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