[htacces] Redirect for one! domain only?

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My hoster redirects my domains to public_html/. The sites are located in
public_html/site3/ etc
But there are also shared dir's, like public_html/graphic. Now i want to
redirect site1 to /site1, but in this way that the root still public_html/
is ...

So, when you enter www.site1.com, you will be directed to
www.site1.com/site1/index.php (public_html/site1) and calling
www.site1.com/graphic (public_html/graphic) will end in that directory.
Only the index.html has to been redirected.

The problem is, that in my htaccess file, there are different configs for
different sites. How can I adress a redirect-rule for a specific site?

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