hssp site? hssp-aai?

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This may be a stupid question - but can someone help me out here?

What's an "hssp site"? and what's "hssp-aai"? I tried searching, but
couldn't come up with anything that seems to relate to this.

Thanks for any help available !!


Re: hssp site? hssp-aai?

phuile@yahoo.ca wrote:

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are you talking about what people in the food industry in the US pronounce
"hassup"? if so, it's a series of health protocols regarding the safe
handling of food.

if that was the info you were looking for, i'd be simply astounded.

Re: hssp site? hssp-aai?

No, I don't think so ... It arises when I was discussing putting some
information/document on our website in a secure location (meaning
something like password log-in etc.). Someome wrote me an email
suggestion putting them on "an hssp site (hssp-aai)". *But* he then
said that "security will still be a concern, but ..." I have no clue
what this is. I know https. But it seems too many letters to have been
a typing mistake. By the way, we are in the aviation/airport indsutry.
Does that give an clues???

Thanks, Petre

Re: hssp site? hssp-aai?

On 12 May 2006 12:32:47 -0700, phuile@yahoo.ca scrawled:

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He probably meant https// - i.e., a secure server.

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Re: hssp site? hssp-aai?

phuile@yahoo.ca wrote in news:1147415466.741409.40560

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A lisping typo?  http site?

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