Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

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(Again, Howard in 1981 became a psychic, and running a
radio show in 1981, and he sees the future and he runs
shows about 2005, and everybody listening just wants to
kill him because people think he is crazy.)

Their Groups privacy violations are a sect.
I don't care if they are Ron L. Hubbards, they can't
violate MY privacy. And because of that, I am going
to grab their company, lift it up in the air, and hold
them on my little finger. Never upset an East European.
Our little finger. That is our sect sign. It symbolizes
power. Theirs is a gestapo binacular. Also symbolizes
great power.

See I was thinking of such a movie. A clash of the
Googlists and the Beast Kings, its really interesting.
A Googlist is a man, who uses Google to organize his
materials. They use Google as an organizer. They use
Google for file sharing. They are lazy to create their
own website, or pay for a file sharing service, so they
use Google Groups for organizing. When Google Groups
came out with Groups Beta, which stayed forever officially
as Groups Beta, and Google dropped Google Groups, and
only they understand this naming, they even know that
Beta is forever. So anyway, when Beta came out, Groups
was dropped forever, causing millions of articles to
get lost in the process, and the Googlists got extremely
angry all over the world. I have to go, the phone is

Ok, back to the show, Googlists are generally hackers.
We've seen movies about them. Hackers, meaning they live
free in the computer world, they have all the friends on
the net, and we don't know where they are but they are
everywhere. For them Google, is merely an opportunity
for hacking some more terrabytes of hard disk space
running on their computer. They know all ip addresses
in the world, even port numbers, for getting free stuff.
They convert Google into their own programming environment.
They are fucking smart.

The Beats are easy going Gods. They refer to themselves
as Kings. Kings live comfortably. They live in the deserted
IRA camp in Ireland. The Beasts grow two vampire teet from
the bottom side when they get angry, and they become very
strong, so strong, that they lift mountains like Hercules
with their pinkies.

Lets take a quick look into this camp: In this camp, a
Beast King tells Googlist, with a long fart, raising his
pinkie that Hercules is coming.

There is an actual Hercules in this camp, he is from
Romania originally. He stands and walks around the camp
and talks in Euro swimming undies as if he would be a body
builder. He was ready to attack Google himself a long time
ago, but the time is just not right. In Romania, you fuck
with him, and you are crunched, smashed like potato cream.
He doesn't care that Google is a company. They are just a
fucking sect to him, piroting money for privacy violations.
Even a Romanian understands that, and his two lower teet

Camp leader named Irish Keanu: I know this sounds weird,
but there is a sense of fun involved in battling a sect.
I am not saying I would love to have a clash with
Scientology. I am saying, that I am this camp's leader.
And they can't mess with Irish Keanu. They simply can't
be corrupt. Not with me. With others, sure, but not with
me. Me. They cannot violate my privacy. I destroy the
world if have to. They can't get passed me. They don't
get it, but they will. They can't violate my privacy.
Do you understand what that means? It means that they
archive me, based on rules they (Google) invented, and
make everything I type there, indexed and searchable for
everyone to see. But if I change my mind, because I decide
that I don't wish everyone to see my thread any more,
because it hurts my reputation, and somebody happens to
reply, then I cannot ever remove my thread, because its
too humiliating to ask someone else who I don't know to
delete his stuff so I can remove mine he quotes, a quote
that is typically there. Its confusing, right? I complained
to Google like an idiot, and they not only declared me an
abuser and put me on their blocked spam list as a "customer"
(1), but they also reported me and disabled my internet
service. Business spam lists are modern effective black
lists, but that's just philosophical. My argument is very
clear in the lawyer world, but who am I to go against
a sect of millions. Am I Hitler? No. I am a Beast King.
They will have my revenge. But I can assure you, I will
not sue anybody for hot coffee in Mc Donald's. Sure I had
hot coffee accidents in Google Groups. Life goes on. I
lost the court case. That is simple. They archive people,
but that's their sect. And life remains good. You follow
me? Check out our operations. We just sent this message
to Google from our computer:

"SECT, Dear

Google is global company, not just a company. Google is
unique, stands out of the crowd. Google global business
ethics, or rather sectlike invalid, forcing people who
did not sign an agreement with them to rely on Google's
customer services."

(1) Google customers with customer service problems:
He/she didn't sign a lawyer agreement with them to be their
customer, who goes to their customer service for problems.
Their existence in the business world is invalid, business
wise, that's why they are a sect.

Reporter: Ok, Everybody line up for a picture. Let me
see those teet. - pinkies up - That's what I like to see!
Smile!    |>(o)<|

---OOO---    --(ooo)--     >-O-<    *==(  o  )==*

Howard puts on reading glasses, and criticizing posting
with Google:

When posting with Google, please read the American
instructions: The group you are posting to is a Usenet
group. Messages posted to this group will make your email
visible by the Google law infested sect to anyone on the
Internet for eternal times. Please pray before posting
and "don't be evil" (tm).   (2)

At Google we are the future. Where we come from, the
ozone layer diminished a long time ago, we are bald,
behind our makeup our skins are ugly white and evolutionarily
deteriorated with purple and green veins. With the
deterioration of the biosphere, our evolution and survival
were tested to their limits, and we developed a two-blooded
system enable to survive the radiation. We view you as
enevolved monkeys, and treat you with holly gratitudes.
Our system merely represents our culture, we understand
the difficulties you may experience in adapting to our
open society. You will soon appreciate it as we slowly
lead you to our holly and spiritual lifestyles of eternal
unity. We come in peace. Google. We are your children.

---OOO---    --(ooo)--     >-O-<    *==(  o  )==*

Well, this is the Howard Stern Show, beautiful day outside
on this September 13th day of 1981... thinking about the
future, we didn't have any calls about UFO sightings in the
sky around Washington DC today after the streams of incoming
calls to our show yesterday claiming that an entire army of
UFO-s were seen arriving to California. Scientists and
psychics are investigating the strange events that so many apparently
observed around Mountain View, California...


Google's founding logo was "Don't be evil". They are weirdo

Howard continues: They (Google) are really a sect. Their
primary mission is to gather finances quickly and establish
themselves on Earth. After arrival in 1981, the two sons
of their leader grew up, the two sons of the future learned
their purpose, they are known as Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
After they established their company, they hired Eric
Schmidth, from Novell to be their CEO. But they are
busted. We have a call from Virginia:

Caller from Virginia: Howard, this is 1981, so you are
saying you busted these aliens, or people who arrived on
UFO's yesterday?

Howard: Well, let me try to explain. What I am saying, is that
there is an opposition in 2005, they call themselves the Beast
Kings, and their operations are stationed in Ireland in the
deserted IRA camp. You see in 2005, the IRA resigned, and
less than a week later Beasts moved into their camp.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

A psychic light strikes Howard: You have to keep in mind, that
when you post, lalala, woodaa, doowaa. awawa.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

Caller number 2: Howard, where did these Beasts come from, also
from the future?

Howard: Ahm. No. I don't know. Beasts united from around the world.
Two came from Australia, one from Romania, some beasts are local
Irish, two Americans: Johnny Depp is one of the beasts, and Jennifer
Andersen (her star name is Aniston), and many others.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

Caller number 2: So who were the 2 Australians?

Howard: They walked for two years from Australia to Ireland. There was
no hurry. Ahm, we're gonna take a break. This is DC 101, FM Radio
Station Wagon Dragon, Bohemian Rapsody, the one and only QOOEEEN.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

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Next caller: Howard, I am a psychologist, and I can see that you are
really a psychic. I understood what you are saying: Beasts gathered
around the world in the deserted IRA camp as a deteriorated human sect
from the future arrived, who really established a super-villain sect in
2005. Howard, are you interested in having a few sessions with me, I
won't charge anything.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc. wrote:
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Howard: Well let me try to explain. As I said, they
don't reveal their real identity that they came from
the future, and that they have two hearts, one with
green blood and one with blue, for two vasculatory
systems, because they are species who survived the
radiation. As I explained, they came to 1981, yesterday,
they are building wealth for their species and they
are doing it very efficiently. When they are at home,
they greet each other by putting the tips of their fingers
together. I know Mr. psychologist that this is difficult
to accept, but I have my psychic knowledge and believe
that I received psychic powers to reveal to mankind that
we must accept this sect among us, because they are really
human beings, they are our offsprings. They really represent
who we will become in the future.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc. wrote:
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Howard continues: You see in 2005, people are not opposing
them, not counting the beasts in Ireland in the camp. Ah,
though many have noted their unusuality and referred to
them as monsters. Maybe the Beasts, who knows where they
came from originally, got beasty about the sect's presence.
You know Mr. Psychologist, Beasts have powers too.

Psychologist: That's a good start Mr. Stern. I'd like to see
you in my office, how about tomorrow?

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

Howard: Another psychic moment... oh I see, wadaa wadaa, buddaaa, yes,
no. Aha.......  Aha........... Good bye Mr. Psychologist. (hangup)

This is the Howard Stern Show, DC 101, FM Radio Station Wagon Dragon.
We say anything we want. (music starts) Endless Love from Diana
Ross & Lionel Richie.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc. wrote:
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...Few days later at the Howard Stern Show, a DJ walks up to Howard
while the music is playing:

Hey Howard, remember that psychologist you talked to a few days
ago? He keeps calling, and he is leaving half hour messages.
I've been been clicking the phone on and off button when he began
leaving messages to cut him off, but he keeps on calling.

Howard: What's an answering machine. Do you have one?

DJ: Sure. Don't you?

Howard: No. Not any more. Pull it out.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

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...Few days later Howard is laying by the psychologist.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

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Howard: Bush took blame for the Katrina Hurricane.

Psychologist, writing with a pen and speaking:
A bush took blame for a hurricane?

Howard: Not a bush, Presdent Bush.

Psychologist: A bush, that is a president, took blame for a hurricane.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc. wrote:
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Psychologist looks up: OK Howard, the reason I brought you here
is because Google is not a sect. If someone messes up online, be it
for being drunk or whatever, and the next day he cannot remove it
from Google, that company has no rights to play Gods over people's
lives. They are terrorists, Howard. You may go.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc. wrote:
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Howard: They are not terrorists. They are psychos.

Re: Howard Psychic Stern Show in 1981 on Googlists, etc.

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Writer: I am suing them for crimes against humanity.

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