How to stop spam flooding on Cesar Millan Dog forum

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In late September the website was hit with a
flood of spam from a total of three new registered members who flooded one
of the subforums (Book Talk) with spam posts for pharmaceuticals, and it
continued for a couple of days with about one post a minute. Their tech
support eventually "fixed" it by blocking the (ab)users and adding a filter
to prevent viewing of the 600+ spam posts. However, they were never removed
from the server database so if you navigate back to that time period you get
a series of blank pages.

Now the website has been hit again, and the "spammer" has made about 1200
posts over the last three hours. Tech support in California (or perhaps in
India), will not wake up until probably late tomorrow. If I were the
webmaster, I would restrict users to something reasonable like 10 posts per
hour, and if that were exceeded, a warning would be displayed to the poster
and a CAPTCHA would hopefully identify a "spambot" and cause an immediate
block of further posts. An email could be sent to the member on record to
notify of the suspected abuse and allow restoration of the account if an
error has been made.

There's not much I can do for someone else's website, and their tech support
does not seem very savvy. There are other minor glitches on the forum that
we have complained about for more than a year with no resolution, and we
would probably be happy to use another forum, but this one has grown into a
very amiable and exciting place where we can express our problems and give
advice about our dogs, or just share experiences, and there are also new
people coming on board which is always interesting. I don't know if there is
a way to report these problems to a higher up (maybe Cesar himself), but the
standard tech support just doesn't cut it.

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