How to Similate these ACDsee functions online?

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We use ACDSee 8 to browse through thousand of pages of our documents
which are in Multi-tiff format. And then print out the documents that
we highlighted.  We want to migrate this practise to the internet and
stuck on the following problem.

1) Browsers do not support Tiff format, although some extensions or
plugins are available.  They are too expensive, clumsy to use or lack
the support for multi-tiff. We've tried to convert those docs to PDF
but they are too slow to convert, lack thumbnail preview and slow to
load. Is there other multi page that work smothly online?

2) We can convert all multi-tiff to single page Jpeg, gif or png but
unable to find a solution that let us highlight or checkbox multiple
pages and print. As some documents are more than 20 pages, browse
through pages one by one and print is too time consuming. We have tried
Gallery2, and most online open source album ware still cannot find
print more than 1 page function.

In summary,  I want a online solution to browse through thumbnails,
choose more than one page and print.

Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Re: How to Similate these ACDsee functions online?


Depending on where your images would be hosted, your problem has a few
possibly easy solutions.

1. A server-side image display component that you integrate into your
online application. There are too many to mention here. PDF is not a
very good format to store images in, unless you're using the latest
JPEG2000 compression.

2. An offline conversion tools that splits your files but keeps them
together in XML links or something like that. This way, your browsing
would be snappier, because an image is loaded only when you need it.
Also, since you have the entire list of pages, it is easy to print all
pages at once, or select which ones you want to print.

3. Why are your documents not OCRd? Are they mostly machine printed
(type/laser/inkjet), or do they have lots of handwriting? If your
documents are OCRd, you might be able to convert those to multi-page
PDFs, XML, or HTML or MS-WORD or similar. That way, with your new tool,
you can actually search for documents or individual pages not just by
thumbing through, but by a full-text search aka google.

We build custom solutions to solve problems like you mentioned, the
exact solution that fits perfectly, no compromises. If you want, you
could send us a few sample images and we would give you some sample
converted results.

Milind Joshi

F I S H wrote:
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Re: How to Similate these ACDsee functions online?

Hello Milind,

Most of our document are primary and secondary school learning
material, they have a lot of pictures, underline, grey background,  and
the worst is most of them are in Chinese so OCR them is a dream to us.
The best OCR software we can afford is Abbyy Finereader.  But most of
the time a skilled typist can do the job faster and more accurate than
it.  So we stick with storing page as image.

Every semester we have a few Giga of material to process, scanned with
those all in one photocopy machine of Minolta and Ricoh into 300 dpi
level 4 multi-tiff, each page size varies from 20KB to 1MB. Then we
process those images with various programs for image rotate, despeckle,
straighten.  Put them into different folders and use ACDSee to print
them when needed.  Thumbsplus is too slow when you need to browse
through a lot of directories.

We want an online solution for that because we don't want to
synchronize each locations PC with the same scanned documents anymore.
synchronizing 20-30 Giga of data through 640KB upload speed cause too
many troubles.


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Re: How to Similate these ACDsee functions online?


OK, now I understand.

I am surprised that there is no top quality Chinese Languages OCR out
there. Unfortunately, even we don't have any Chinese language OCR
products for you.

You can convert from Multi-TIFF to Single page TIFF with a TIFF
splitter, and then possibly to JPEG, or better still, why not create
JPEGs from the originals directly? An open source tool for such image
manipulation tasks is Image Magick, highly recommended. All it needs is
some time to write a good script.

To view images, etc., have you tried jalbum? Its a free solution, and
has the ability to show thumbnail views.

If you require a custom application where you can insert header sheets
between documents, and scan, and the software automatically creates a
new folder for each set of images of one document, we can help you. If
you are an educational institution or not-for-profit, we might even be
able to get you special pricing. If you want to explore this, then give
me more details like exactly how many images per week/month, and what
you would like the scanning software to do. With this option, you can
eliminate multiple steps after scanning, you will get just one folder
heirarchy, and you just have to move the entire folder to your web
server as-is.

Milind Joshi

F I S H wrote:
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