How to share a calandar in horde webmail

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I currently have a calendar which has some events created with horde. (this
is a webmail program which came with cpanel) What I would like is to let
other people who come to my website be able to view this calendar. There is
no options to setup users to have access to this that I can find and the
only thing that I can do is make the changes and then export it out as a csv
and then create a webpage for it. Is there away that I can make it so users
can view it and if so how and if no can someone recommend me a freebie
calendar program that is fairly good that will do what I am looking for.
Thanks for your help

Re: How to share a calandar in horde webmail

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Converting the Horde calendar for the use you intend for it would be a
nontrivial task. You'd be better off selecting software that does what
you want done, and entering your existing data into that program.
Otherwise, you're going to have programming work to do every time
Horde makes a change to their code.

I've seen many web calendars, and I'm not really excited about *any*
of them. On the other hand, I tried to prototype my own calendar
interface, and couldn't come with anything that way that really
thrilled me, either.

I'd recommend that you start off taking a look at It's a fairly popular application
you can use as a baseline. That way, when you look at other scripts,
you can fairly easily decide if the differences make the script more
or less desirable to you.

And when you make your decision, please let me know what you chose.
Like I said, I was dissatisfied with everything out there, last time I
looked, and maybe there's something new out there that I should

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Re: How to share a calandar in horde webmail

 if no can someone recommend me a freebie
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Check out

It is a free service.  If you view the calendar at Localendar, you will see
ads.  If you incorporate the calendar into a website (I prefer to embed the
calendar into a frame), there are no ads.  I've used it successfully for
about two years with no problems (down time, technical issues).  As a free
service it rocks.

Email me privately for some examples of how I have incorporated Localendar
at spamaddy at bellsouth dot net.

Re: How to share a calandar in horde webmail

We're going to be changing our pricing around soon. We'll be offering a
single calendar hosted for $120 US per year (perhaps $100). If you want to
do our 30 day trial, go to: /

This is a vastly more capable calendar than some other things out there.
Things that set it apart include iCal import/export, RSS Newsfeed support,
recurring events with exceptions, resource management, time zone
support, group level security, Email notifications and reminders, etc.

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