how to register a dns server

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i'm setting up a new web and dns server. i'm trying to understand what it
takes to register the server as a dns server with NetworkSolutions. we've
already got a domain name, so can i modify that record to say that the
domain name is also a dns server or do i have to do a separate registration?
if a separate registration, is it with networkSolutions, or is there a
separate board that controls registering dns servers?


Re: how to register a dns server

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You actually probably don't need to register can just use the ones
your host has available.  If you really must register your own DNS, you need
to do this with your registrar (sounds like you're using Network Solutions).
You'll want to contact Network Solutions to find out their method of
creating DNS.  Most registrars have a link, somewhere in your domain control
panel, that says "create/edit nameservers".  Click on that and create the
DNS you want to use.  Make sure you get the IPs from your host and that they
have it setup on their end so that your domain name will work with your new

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Re: how to register a dns server

something that included:

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Let's use "dica.tld" as your domain name, OK? You need two name
servers, preferably geographically distant from each other, to serve
as canonical name servers for the dica.tld domain name. Find a couple
of friends with name servers, Fred and Wilma, and use them.

Now, your server is sitting at It also answers to and  It's helpful to have a separate
machine name for your server - let's call it barney.dica.tld - so you
can refer to the hardware as barney and your primary website as
www.dica.tld.  Set up the zone in both Fred and Ethyl's name servers
to have A records for dica.tld. and barney, either A or CNAME for such
subdomains as www, and ftp, and an MX record for your mail server.
Those A records will all point to You also need NS
records for the leno and letterman subdomains, one pointing to and the other pointing to

I assume you have BIND properly configured and operating.

Now, you go to the registrar you've selected. (Since it's Network
Solutions, I've gone to greater detail than I would for someone who
was more clueful.)  Their domain registration software will have the
option somewhere to register "child nameservers". (There should be no
cost to you for this; once you own a domain, you are free to set up as
many sub-domains and sub-sub-domains as you like, at no additional
registration cost.) You will specify the name leno.dica.tld as having
the IP address and the name letterman.dica.tld as
having the IP address

OK, you now have two name servers, leno and letterman.

Again, because you're using Network Solutions, I will point out that
   1. It is possible to list leno and letterman as the canonical
nameservers for dica.tld. It is also a BAD IDEA to do this.
   2. Despite the fact that you have two nameservers on your box, it
is NOT a good idea to use *both* of them as the canonical nameservers
for *any* domain on the box.
   3. While you are still at the one-server stage, friends are
valuable. In fact, they are always valuable, as you knew, but I'm
talking about it being expedient to have friends who also own servers.
If you have leno pointing to an on Fred's box, and letterman pointing
to an IP on Wilma's box, and they each have a nameserver pointing to
an IP on your box, there is substantially greater reliability for the
sites on each box.

The fact that you need to ask these questions suggests that you don't
know much about running a server. I certainly hope you're doing this
at minimal cost, running hobby sites for which downtime is of no
consequence. And even if it is, get in the habit of doing daily
backups to another hard drive, preferably backups to another computer.
You are going to make mistakes as you learn, and some of them will be
doozies, but if you have really good backups, you've got half a chance
to recover.

Good luck.

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