How to recover a NIC Handle?

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I have a friend whose domain is pending deletion.  He wants to renew
it, but Network Solutions is requiring he log in to his account with
them.  This seems to be a new thing - he never asked for an account.
It used to be that just anyone could renew any domain with NetSol.

When he asks for his account name and password, NetSol wants to send
it to his old email address at an ISP that is now out of business.
NetSol is willing to change his email address, but only if he faxes in
a form with his driver's license and his NIC handle.

But he doesn't know his NIC handle.  It's usually given with his
domain's WHOIS record, but since the domain is expired, it isn't.

Is there a way for him to look up his NIC handle by doing some kind of
WHOIS on his name?

Thanks for your help!

Mike Crawford /

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