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I don't know about all of the links carolyn types about, but the content
of the numbered bullet points are on target. As far as books go, Susan
Sweeney has the best overall book, in my opinion, pertaining to: how the
Internet works. I searched about 3 hours one night and came up with this
one. You can also check your local libraries. Chances are, they have a
few copies to loan. Good luck! You really don't need luck, just knowhow.
As they say, search and ye shall find.

101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site : Filled with Proven Internet
Marketing Tips, Tools, Techniques, and Resources to Increase Your Web
Site Traffic (Paperback)
by C.A., Susan Sweeney
( product link shortened)

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson

So, here's your beginner's kit. Easy as one, two, three.

The web is the best tool of all for novice promoters because it doesn’t
cost a single copper to learn what’s effective and what’s not. It's like
hiring a market researcher at the best possible price--a big, fat zero.
Here’s a box full of ten FREE promotional gizmos that work:

1. Get a website. Experts tell you to have your own domain name, but if
you can’t do that for any lack of money or expertise, use, or some other group site and let their
webmaster do the work for you. It’s not absolutely free, but darn close.
They’ll also know how to get your page listed on search engines.

2. Design a signature for your email that sells your book. Keep it
short. Include your website address.

3. Get an autoresponder. Post your prologue or first chapter on it. Add
that info to your signature line. Try

4. Link your page to like-minded sites as many times as possible. An
example would be for horror writers to link to Annette Gisby’s “Silent
Screams” site. Google it for practice.

5. You’ll pay for postage but you can get nice business cards at Design them so they’ll never need changing because a
change will kick your order into a paying mode when the time to reorder

6. Get your site listed on as many search engines possible. Go to and They’ll lead you through a
free-for-all listing spree.

7. Join e-groups or chat groups. Go to and pick out
groups that seem to fit with your particular genre. Be sure to include
some that share promotion ideas. Share your knowledge with these groups
and ask questions when you need to. Make sure your signature (see #2
above) is included each time you post.

8. As you read posts on your e-groups, glean leads from them; that means
you’ll need to pay attention to the signatures of others. You’ll find
sites that will review your book, interview you, publish your articles,
maybe even leads for publishing your book.

9. Visit the sites as you find them. If they offer a newsletter, sign
up. You’ll learn from them. Also pay attention to their format; these,
too, may be places where you can get interviews, reviews, and have your
articles published. This is a win-win situation. You get free exposure
and they get free articles.

10. This one may cost you about $100. (Everything in the Web-world or in
life is not free.) Join a professional organization, preferably one that
will teach you to promote. My favorite is SPAN (Small Publishers
Association of North America) at They sponsor a
fantastic college every year but their e-group and their newsletter
alone are well worth their membership fee.

This is an article on FREE, so this is one last tip on FREE goodwill.
Write thank you notes. Yes, your mother was right. Write them when
someone responds to your autoresponder, write them when someone
publishes a review or an interview, write them when someone does you a
favor, write, write, write. You ARE a writer, right? If you aren't,
better learn. Good writing is the steam engine that builds careers.

(Carolyn Howard-Johnson was a fashion publicist in New York.
Her award-winning novel, This is the Place, is a coming-of-age
story about a young journalist who uses her writing skills to
forge a new path for herself.)

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