How to introduce Banner ads on my site.

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I am the webmaster of a professional Hospitality Industry website. We
are based in France. I
f we want to introduce Banner ads on our site (not pop-up ads), what
sort of prices should we introduce? Are the the prices based on site
ranking and no. of unique visitors or page views? Is there a site where
I can learn how to calcluate the prices based on the above factors?

Are there any "legal" procedures need to be followed to introduce
banner ads on a website?
I would be grateful to any one who can clarify this.

Re: How to introduce Banner ads on my site.

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Most banner ads are displayed on the basis of you getting a fee for each
lead or sale that the banner generates. Thus no sales no revenue. Income
according to number of page views has almost completely disappeared (but not
quite). I once started pulling together a list of affiliate networks (i.e.
companies you can go to to get paying ads), which I have at , this is far from
comprehensive but may give you a starting point. If you go this route the
key to generating revenue is to display appropriate ads, so pick your ads
carefully - if in doubt use google adsense.

If you get someone approaching you asking to display their ad - does
happen - then I've no idea how you should decide on what to charge them.
Others may be able to guide you.

Hope this helps.
Brian Cryer

Re: How to introduce Banner ads on my site.

On Mon, 09 Oct 2006 02:51:34 -0700, Sharvani wrote:

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If you are just starting I'd say start with Google AdSense. See how much
you are earning and base any rates you may charge others on what you would
earn with AdSense. (ie. Charge somewhat higher, at least if you are
replacing the AdSense banner with someone else's).

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If it's your site, you can do with it what you want. I expect that's also
true in France.

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