How to get rid of Split Ends ?

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Split ends, everyone most bane hair problem.  How do you get rid of
them The answer is to cut them off!
You should be focused more on how to prevent them, because once you
have them, there is no cure. They are the bane of every woman=92s
existence. Split ends start to appear when the protective cuticle is
stripped away from the hair shaft and are more common on longer, dryer
As your hair grows, the natural oils from your scalp can fail to reach
the ends. The ends of your hair are considered to be aged once they
reach about 10cm and in one year your hair has been exposed to the
sun, most likely every day, been shampooed an average of 180 times and
been overheated by hair dryers and straightener=92s. All these factors
combined cause dry brittle hair resulting in split ends, and once the
protective cuticle is removed, it is impossible to replace.
In the 70s women used to burn off their split ends themselves, now
times have changed, and prevention is the best cure. By following the
general rules of you can ensure your hair is in the best possible
1.    Be sure to use good quality Hair Care products. Cheap
supermarket lines are full of bad silicone=92s and various ingredients
that build up in your hair, and whilst the instant result may be silky
smooth hair, as soon as heat is applied to these ingredients, damage
is actually being caused.
2.    Invest in a good quality brush and wide tooth comb. NEVER brush
your hair when it is wet. If you need to, only use a plastic comb. Try
brushing out combs before shampooing or combing through tangles when
you have your conditioner in.
3.    Regular trims are a must. In general you should have a trim
every 6 weeks. This keeps the hair healthy. If you are trying to grow
your hair long, the biggest mistake is to ignore split ends and not
have a trim. The longer your leave it, the larger the splits get and
the more is going to snap off through brushing.
4.    Avoid excess heat if possible, and if using any heated styling
tool, use a protector to seal the cuticle.
5.    Try to use an intense treatment once a week to put back some
moisture and proteins.
6.    Use good quality styling tools. Straighteners, curlers and hair
dryers have come leaps and bounds in the last 5 years, and it is worth
investing in one to suit your budget. The ghd hair products may be the
best choice for you. The ghd hair straighteners adopt the Ceramic
heating panels; it can generate infrared ray and negative ions which
can lock in moisture, natural oils, and hair color for total hair
protection .

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