How to get back links to your site

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Building back links to your site is one of the most important parts of SEO
(Search engine optimization). Without a good number of high quality links
pointing to your website it is very unlikely that you will ever have a good
search engine rank (The position of a site on a particular search engine.
Typically search engine users visit only high ranking sites, so a high
position is important).

Here is the some tips to get backlinks to your website that you can start
doing today.

Check the link popularity of your competitors, and find out who are linking
to them. Contact those Web sites, and ask them to link to you in return for
a reciprocal link. You must have a link already put on your own site before
you ask for a link in return and give the location of the link.
When requesting a link, make sure to highlight what your site has to offer
their visitors and why they should link to it. A compelling case will
increase your success.

Manually search for Web sites that have the same theme as your Web site.
Search for sites that rank high and that are important to you
Create a weblinks Exchange Letter, requesting a link exchange with your
site, to each of the sites you have found in your search. Make sure you come
up with at least 150 good quality content, non-competitive sites with a
decent PageRank of their own to email.

Make comments and ask questions in online discussion forums that allow
weblinks. Set up a signature file that includes a hyperlinked keyword phrase
back to your website. Make sure that you are contributing quality posts
related to the message thread subject. Search engine crawlers can figure out
when links are not relevant to the posts and you may get tagged as a

Post into related newsgroups, be sure to use a signature line with your link
and appropriate link text. Make sure post quality posts related to the
group. Don't post only a link, the engine crawlers wil tagg you as a spamer.

Link building should always be done with the target market and industry in
mind. you want high quality links from relevant websites in order to boost
your rankings.
Think of link building as relationship building. You do want to build links
that are relevant to your content, your website. You don't want a car
service site linking to your site if your website is about environmental

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