how to build a multilingual system like vbulletin?

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how can i build a multilingual system for my script by using xml
phrase system like what vbulletin had
i know there is too many methods to do a multilingual script but i
like the method that vbulletin use and if it is copywrited for
vbulletin !,i want to do something similar
and if there is an xml standard format that u prefer me to use,i will
be happy to hear from you.

########## this is a part of vbulletin-language.xml file #########

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<language name="MASTER LANGUAGE" vbversion="3.6.4" product="vbulletin"

<phrasetype name="Access Masks" fieldname="accessmask">
    <phrase name="access_denied" date="1150274290" username=""
    <phrase name="access_denied_x_users" date="1150274317" username=""
version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[access denied users]]></phrase>
    <phrase name="access_granted" date="1150274333" username=""
version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[access granted]]></phrase>
    <phrase name="access_granted_x_users" date="1150274343"
username="" version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[access granted users]]></
<phrasetype name="Attachment / Image" fieldname="attachment_image">
    <phrase name="add_a_single_avatar" date="1157187094" username=""
version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[add a single avatar]]></phrase>
    <phrase name="add_a_single_post_icon" date="1157187094"
username="" version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[add a single post icon]]></
    <phrase name="add_a_single_smilie" date="1157187094" username=""
version="3.6.4"><![CDATA[add a single smilie]]></phrase>

etc .....

i am waiting for a good answer ;)?
best regards

Re: how to build a multilingual system like vbulletin?

On Jan 30, 12:11 am, wrote:
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I've never actually done this myself, but from what I understand from
sites I've worked with that are multi lingual, the core concept is
having a language file, and inside the templates where the text needs
to go, the variable placeholders would go there instead.

Then, in the code where they would select the language, depending on
that decision, it pulls from the appropriate language file, replacing
all the text elements with the text in the appropriate language.
There's probably dozens of ways to accomplish this, depending on how
elaborate the site is.

Someone can probably give more details on how to make it work, but
that's the gist of how it works in a nutshell.

Re: how to build a multilingual system like vbulletin?

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My only experience with code that does this is in phpBB; within the /
language folder you have /lang_{some language} folders, each of which
has .php files with all of the text that appears on the board, aside
from posts, and forum name, and the forum description (and a /email
folder with templates for emails).
The administrators set the board's default language (a dropdown
containing all of the /lang_x folders) which is viewed by new members
and guest users. After (or during) registration, a user may use the
same dropdown for their preferred language.
When viewing any page the user's preferred language is checked, and
the appropriate language file(s) are include()'d. As all of the files
place strings in a $lang[] array, with the same (string) indicies, no
further work is required on the decision of the language.

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