How to apply for Google Adsense account?

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I have applied for Google adsense account several times but all end up
in failure. Do anyone know what's going on?

And is there any good adverstising companies I can use?

Also, please support my website by adding a few scenic photos you have
taken, in return, you can add a link back to your site:

Re: How to apply for Google Adsense account?

You should try clicksor:

I've found it quite good.

Re: How to apply for Google Adsense account?

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Judging by the stats you have on your front page, you get hardly any
visitors. I'd suggest you remove the public stats - links count and photos
count is find but to know I was visitor number 496 doesn't put your site in
very good light. Fixing the scripting error on your homepage would be good
too. Doubt either of these will have any bearing on the google adsense issue

What may be more of an issue is that your site has no real content. Just
lists of links and very short lists at that. To be honest what is there on
your site that would make a visitor want to come back or even visit in the
first place? Or put another way, if someone was doing a search in google
what would you need to search on in order to get your site coming back.

Think about what the purpose of your site is. Write it down and include it
on your first page. If all you are is a directory then try including a
description of what each of your categories means.

To be honest with your current content I would be surprised if you ended up
with more than $0.01 per 1000 page views. Google probably have a similar
view and that's why they are rejecting you.

Remember, content is king when it comes to websites - links don't really

Improve your site and when you reach say 50-100 genuine visitors a day then
try reapplying.
Brian Cryer

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