How the Quality Score important on adwords?

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I've been struggling with this dawn QS on adwords the past 3 months and I'm
 starting to think that there's no logical ways to have a good one, I expla

Lately, I did a bidding strategy to show up only on the 3 main ads on the t
op of google. And it didn't really worked out. So I built some landing page
s, and optimized them along the way to a point where there is only around 2
00 words on my page, very well organized, very fast, all contact info are i
n the top and the bottom of the page, well just like a good sales page. But
 I've been on my ass to see a 4/10 on any of these landing pages, relevance
 average, usability, under the average!

I've been following all the guidelines of google, even used they page testi
ng tool and optimized accordingly, so now I'm thinking the only way would b
e to a white page with "call me" on it, seriously.

What's your thoughts on that subject?


Re: How the Quality Score important on adwords? writes:

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The score is made up of various components, some of which are the
historical and current click-through rates, not only for the keywords in
question but also for the account and for the URL on its own.  You have
very little control over this.  I.e. it is possible that 4/10 is the
best you can do simply by altering your pages.

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That would score low, so I wonder if you have a handle on what matters

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Without a URL, all I could do is make some general remarks, but you'd
probably find better general remarks be searching the web.


Re: How the Quality Score important on adwords?

On 2013-10-28 12:06:00 +0000, said:

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After waisting time and money for three months on adwords, I decided to  
test how my site fairs on search engine optimization only and dropped  
all adds on adword. Surprise, my sales did not drop as much as  
expected. Then , I made a careful estimation of how many clicks  
generated what return, and came to the conclsuion that, unless I has  
bigger ticket items, it was not worth the trouble.

All the time I waisted with adwords is now invetsed into SEO, and I am  
quite happy. Google went desperate enough to have a stupid saleswoman  
call me, should I say harass me, and I got a nice booklet called  
'adwords insider' by mail with all sorts of graphics about my clicks  
history. They should have not done that. With the money I paid for  
those clicks, I could have spent a couple of weeks on Venice Beach.  
Next year I will take holidays with that good money.

Unless you get a high return on investment, drop adwords.


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