How much to charge for ads?

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I seem to remember a post some time ago where someone linked to a tool
which estimates what would be a fair price to pay (or charge) for
advertising on a site.  I think it was largely based on Alexa rank or PR or
something, so I know it isn't exactly accurate.  

I'm trying to work out a fair starting point for charging on a PR5 with an
average of 100,000 pageviews per month (not counting the VERY active

Karl Groves

Re: How much to charge for ads?

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i'm quite cheap, but i would suggest maybe 10-20USD per month with
banner rotation with other advertisers. i normally do "go email me
let's discuss on a price" advertising.

Re: How much to charge for ads?

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Do you run google ads at present and are you going to displace a google ad
with someone else's advertising? If yes then use your current google revenue
from those ads as a minimum starting point.

I would have thought that for 100,000 pageviews per month, any where from
20 to 100/month as a ball-park. I know from my own experience that it all
depends on where the ad will go and how well it fits with the site. Another
way of looking at it is how much does a client have to pay to make it worth
your while - if its only 10 a month then is it worth the effort?

Sorry I don't know of a tool to guestimate value - but if you find it please
post back because it could be interesting. There was a site posted not so
long ago that gave a guestimate for the value of a site, it wasn't that that
you were thinking of?
Brian Cryer

Re: How much to charge for ads?

It is better to ask for too little, than for too much. Take your
adsense CPM and divide that by 4 (or some such number), and apply that
to compute the price of a prominent text link.


Re: How much to charge for ads?

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Its hard to say how valuable a tool that would be.  The biggest problem I
can see is it doesn't really reflect the value of the site and any suggested
pricing would probably be for generic advertising rather than targetted

Some random thoughts on advertising:

Value of ads depend on the ad versus the site content:
- You can get more money for ads on your site and even avoid the whole "cost
per impressions" thing by targetting your ads to your market.  If you were
doing a website that has the latest news, forums and info on PC and XBOX
games you should be able to charge more to sites that sell the games or
related services, as compared to how much you would get from "Bob's Discount
Perfumes" advertising on your site.

Value of the ads depend on the reach of your site:
- You mention 100,000 page views.  Is that a lot?  A little?  How many
visitors per month is that?  How many are unique visitors?
- Example: I launched a website 3 months ago and it gets 125,000 page views
per month.  That sounds like a lot, but each visitor to the site averages
7.1 page views per visit so its really less than 18,000 actual visitors per
month.  BUT... on top of that many of these visitors are repeat customers so
in the end the site actually only has a reach of about 2,250 people per

Value of ads can depend on the market you reach:
- This is pretty basic: if your site is drawing a sought after market
demographic you can usually charge more.  A site attracting 15-30 year olds
should generate more revenue than a site that has the same number of
visitors but whose target market is the 55+ crowd.

Another thing to consider in this is: if you think advertising on your
website will actually work for the advertisers you should be looking at a
"per click" or an affiliate program pricing.  If you don't think advertising
is really going to work so well on your site then you should be looking at a
"cost per X impressions" pricing model.

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