How much height can I safely hope to get when designing for 1024x768 monitors ?

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I have just built my first landing page using flash.
It is 800x600 pixels. But in many cases it is too tall for 1024x768

You see 31% of our users (this year) are still running screens of
And even if they are not running any plugins that take up any vertical
space (e.g. GoogleBar)
768 is not enough height to reliably show 600 (vertical) pixels of

- What is a safe maximum height of (usable) screen area when designing
for a 1024x768 monitor?

Shiperton Henethe

P.S. Btw, I also just noticed that nearly 1% (i.e. 0.98% of visitors)

Re: How much height can I safely hope to get when designing for 1024x768 monitors ?

On 08/04/09 08:33 am, ship wrote:
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  There is none. Any site designed for a specific width and height will be
broken for some users, either too large or too small.
  You also assume that most people use their browsers maximized, thus the
question about 1024x768 layout. For instance, I have a 1600x1200 monitor
but the browser is just one program of several and is typically about 800x700.
  A Flash-only index page is not a great idea. Those weirdos like me do
not normally allow Flash (NoScript and FlashBlock addons) since 99.9% is
(IMO) junk, so I see a blank page when visiting sites like that. There are
accessibility issues with Flash. Then there are non-visual browsers like
search engines that cannot do much with Flash and effectively see an empty
home page.

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