How many hits per minute should a server be capable of?

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I'm wondering how many hits a minute an average good webserver should
able to give.  Let's take any service that sticks around a while and
charges the usual
$10 a month or so.  Should it be able to put out 500 copies of an html
page in one
minute or when we get past those numbers, do we need a different kind
of service?

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Re: How many hits per minute should a server be capable of? wrote:
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It depends on a huge number of factors - most of which are out of your

For instance - for $10/mo. you're going to be on a shared server.  How
much time you get depends on how busy those other sites are.

To a lesser extent it depends on the page.  If it's static, you don't
have a lot of overhead.  But throw in server side code and you are
talking huge variables.

Also, a "hit" is not the same as a web page being served.  If the web
page includes any images, external javascript or css, etc., each of
those is a new request - a hit.  So serving a single web page could
create 10 or more hits.

All you can do is try it out and see if the response time is good enough
for you.  If not, look at something else.

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