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I've always wanted to mess with scumbag hotlinkers, and yesterday some
fool finally gave me the chance. I changed the image in question to read
(in Spanish, the language of the hotlinker's site):

This image was STOLEN from
Where fine coffee is sold, without stealing from anyone

I've always wanted to do that.

Re: How I deal with hotlinkers says...
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Several years ago I had the same problem with a competitor.  I renamed
the image on my site, then changed the hotlinked image to a white
background with a black border containing text along the lines of:

Quality Web Design at Affordable Prices -

It took them a few weeks before they noticed and took it down.

Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

SAZ wrote:
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A few US election cycles ago, one of the presidential candidates hot
linked an image that was from a site owned by someone who was on the
opposite side of the political spectrum. Said presidential candidate
wound up with an "opposing viewpoint" on his site for several days.

If you are a pro-gun control candidate, and you want an image of a big,
ugly gun on your site to illustrate your point, wouldn't you have more
sense than to hot link an image from an RKBA site?

Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

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Ages ago an image of mine was used near the top of a page. I redirected
to an image of 4095 (or 4096), the max possible in JPEG AFAIK, pixels
heigh. It was never taken down, so I complained with the hosting company
and it was removed. I now return a "forbidden" if the referer for an
image is a social/blogging/forum site. Can't catch them all, but it made
a difference. Will post more on it later (probably next year).

John Bokma

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Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

On 2009-12-30, John Bokma wrote:

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There's also a neat trick that makes logged-in Myspace users log out.
(That link has nothing to do with me, but I use the rule I found
there.) /

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an equivalent for Facebook, so
I just use "evil-animated-slow.gif" for that referer match.

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Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

I prefer simple JavaScript and apache's mod_rewrite tricks.
mod_rewrite replaces all marked images with empty one.
JavaScript replaces all marked images with original images from different  
location - hidden from bad guys.

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Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

I'm currentty having a problem with one particular thread that links a
pic on my site in a way that I had not intended.  I was wondering if
it would be possible to use a mechanism similar to .htaccess or
robots.txt to prevent the hotlink loading from that particular URL?

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Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

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Yes it's possible, but I have no idea whether .htaccess provides the
capability.  (The robots.txt file means nothing to any offensive
robots, it's for voluntary use by goodguys only.)

Back before I took my site apart to improve it (don't ask) what I
would do is supply graphics only to those who had an open session.  If
a client didn't have an open session, the graphic was sent or not
based on some parameters like size.  If he didn't get the graphic he'd
get a nice message that it wasn't available for hotlinking.

There are guys here that use .htaccess like a swiss army knife,
they'll know for sure if and how it can be done that way.

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Re: How I deal with hotlinkers

On 2010-01-09, crankypuss wrote:

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If Apache's mod_rewrite module is available, you can do it with
.htaccess files: /

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