How does one measure CPM

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i'm fairly new to this stuff - but wondered - how does one keep track
of the how many impression  (or click for that matter) a particular ad
has generated on any given webpage?

i'm trying to find out from - both - the publisher's perspective and
from an advertisers perspective.

essentially, how does an advertiser be sure of what publisher claims?

i would appreciate even if you could give me pointers to detailed
tutorial or some sort.


Re: How does one measure CPM wrote:
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The publisher would have some kind of scripting involved in most cases.
For instance, when a banner is clicked, it is sent to a page on that
site that records the click in a database then silently forwards the web
request to the ad target. Impressions are recorded in much the same way,
but without the click or redirection.

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You set up a unique URL for the ad's target. Then you can check your web
logs (or use something like awstats) to check the number of times it was
accessed - the number of clicks should ad up to the same. You can't
verify the number of impressions with a plain JPEG or GIF that I know
of. However, if you are using Flash banners, you can at least track the
number of times that the banner was viewed (as in the user had Flash) by
sending a request to a (different) unique url on your website.

Justin Koivisto, ZCE -

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