How do I get lists?

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Ok so I'm starting up a new website and was curious how do people get
updates...Like a list of when Movies will be released?  Or When they
will come on to DVD?  Is there a general source that can supply this?

Thanks :D

Re: How do I get lists?

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I've noticed that some films come out in other countries a few weeks before
(or after) they are released here in the UK.

Re: How do I get lists?

DoobieDo wrote:

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Of course they are. Film releases are staggered across the world -- it
gives the cast and crew opportunity to attend several different glamorous
"premieres", and to tour the world, following its release schedule, giving
television interviews, which help boost the film's profile.

A Hollywood film will typically be released in Oceania and North America
simultaneously. (Though because of the time difference, it often seems
that it was released a day earlier in Oceania.) This is because most
Hollywood films do not receive a celebrity premiere in Australia or New
Zealand, so no delay is needed to allow the stars time to get there.

The film will then normally be released in Europe a week or two later,
with a premiere, usually at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square, London.

Other parts of the world then follow during the next month or two.

Recently, film release schedules have been getting faster though. There
are often simultaneous releases to Europe, North America and various other
parts of the world.

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