How can I increase traffic of my website

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My website is ranking on top 10 in Google with most of the keywords
but my website is not generating expecting traffic. Currently it is
generating 1300 unique visitors per month. It is ranking on 36th
position by "Health Insurance" keyword. Please advice me that what is
the problem in my site. Please go through following URL -

Re: How can I increase traffic of my website wrote:
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Because it's not a very good looking page and nobody ever comes back to it?

The top looks like an advertisement and the bottom looks like an essay.

Look at where the unique visitors are going. If you get 1300 hits to your
index page but only three his to your about page then something is wrong.

You fail to provide a background colour.

And what is that stupid flash move for? I assume you abuse your visitors
with sound (which I cannot hear as I do not have any sound on my computer).
You even insist (IE7) that I install flash. Nope. No thanks.

You have a red wart thingy asking me about what I know that conventially
covers up your content and simply refuses to go away.

You have supidly small font sizes. You use last century HTML.

You don't even state, anywere on the site, which country you are in. I can
infer that it is the U S of A because I have been there and know where Texas
is and what a Zip code is. Others may not.

Your links at the top of the page (which are stupidly pictures of text, not
real text, and therefore one link not three as it looks like) lead to
something that cannot be identified. Nowhere on that particular page am I
informed where this basic information is going to. For all I know your site
may have been hijacked.  And why should I be forced to provide all of that
personal information just to get a "basic" quote? Where is your privacy
policy? How do I know you will not sell my email address to somebody?

(tries to use form)

You stupidly insist on the format of phone numbers, I assume you insist on
the American one. What if I have a different format? And, what if I do make
an error. You tell me its wrong but you don't tell me what it should be

Same thing for the rest of the fields.

When I finally get through your "instant quote" page I am rather impolitely
informed that quotes are unavailable for my area. WTF is the area I have to
be in to get an instant quote? You didn't tell me up front before I started
filling in your bloody instant quote form! Oh, maybe you did. Maybe I have
to be in Texas or whatever. Nope, when I go back and lie that I am in Dallas
It still does not work.

Basically you have what is IMHO a broken site.


Re: How can I increase traffic of my website

rf wrote:
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To my way of thinking, "36th" puts it on the fourth page of Google
results. Even *I* don't often go that many pages into the SERPs.

But I wouldn't expect too many people to use "Health Insurance" as their
keyword anyway, even when that's what they're looking for. If they do,
they'll get over 100,000,000 results. They'll either find what they want
in the first couple of pages (OP: you're left out) or they'll refine
their search to something like "Health Insurance Boston" or "Athens
Health Insurance", which I expect will also leave this site far out of
the results.

Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

I don't know what you're talking about here, and I even enabled JS to
try to see it. No great loss, apparently. :-)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

A health insurance company working hand-in-hand with hospitals, both so
typically trying hard to annoy the people most likely to comprise their
clientele: middle-aged to elderly folks who can't see as well as the
typical 12-year-old.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

*Invalid* last-century HTML. OP: Go to /
Also, there are JavaScript errors, when I turn JS on.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

And speaking of pictures of text, like the one in the upper-right
corner, alt="Health Insurance" hardly makes for a useful replacement for
an image that displays, "Call toll free 1-888-917-6837".

Upon further inspection, I must conclude that OP is using the alt
attributes for the *sole* purpose of keyword stuffing; they invariably
include the phrase "Health Insurance".

Quoted text here. Click to load it

This points up the difference between PR and usability/customer
friendliness. It seems OP has focused on SEO in the sense of outfoxing
Google, while forgetting to focus on making the site useful and
interesting for visitors. And one of the things Google claims to be
constantly aiming at is to show preference for useful sites.

Remember: The Googlebot almost *never* buys anything from a Website.

Re: How can I increase traffic of my website

On 2009-06-11, wrote:
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  This could explain why people don't return to it:

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   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

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