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Chaddy2222 wrote:

"Why not just re-write the requests for an image through .htaccess.
That way you can re-direct any hotlinked images but still allow direct
access to them."

Dunno Chaddy, how would you do that?  Wouldn't you need to hardcode
the ip-address of the hotlinker into the .htaccess file?  

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

"This is exactly why he has to hide behind a 'nym.  He knows if people
found out how little he knows and how bad of a programmer he is, he
will never get a job."

I have not been an employee since 1999, and I pray that I will never
again be desperate enough to "get a job".

Jerry Stuckle wrote:

"By definition, stateless communication has
the attribute that you cannot associate one request-response
with another request-response; they may be from the same system
or from different systems."

The only thing that is necessary in order to maintain a stateful
protocol is a single unique token that is exchanged throughout the
duration of logical connection.

Mark Goodge wrote a number of reasoned responses which were screeched
offstage by those standing high on the pulpits of their credentials.

For those interested,

The "Cache-Control" header is described in RFC2616 section 14.9, where
it says "The Cache-Control general-header field is used to specify
directives that MUST be obeyed by all caching mechanisms along the
request/response chain" and "Cache directives MUST be passed through
by a proxy or gateway application, regardless of their significance to
that application, since the directives might be applicable to all
recipients along the request/response chain."

The "Expires" header is described in RFC2616 section 14.21 where it
says "The Expires entity-header field gives the date/time after which
the response is considered stale.  A stale cache entry may not
normally be returned by a cache (either a proxy cache or a user agent
cache) unless it is first validated with the origin server (or with an
intermediate cache that has a fresh copy of the entity)."

The HTTP protocol is an upper-layer (application-level) protocol that
is built on top of TCP which in turn is transmitted via IP (see
RFC2616 sec 8.1.2, RFC793 sec 2.5).  The IP payload format provides a
32-bit "request number" field.  Regarding this request number field,
it is "An opaque identifier.  When responding to a query, this value
must be copied into the reply message."  This is described in RFC2186
under "ICP Message Format".

Guy Macon wrote:

"In the clearing stands a boxer,
  and a fighter by his trade;
  And he carries the reminders,
  of every glove that layed him down,
  or cut him till he cried out,
  in his anger and his shame;
  'I am leaving, I am leaving',
  But the fighter still remains..."

            "The Boxer"
             by Simon & Garfunkel

Some climb onto the pulpit of their credentials and screech until the
audience submits, others deliver the goods.

I mark Jerry Stuckle and Guy Macon as screechers.

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Re: hotlinkers and screechers

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I think "bully" comes closer to the mark; for most people, debate is a way
of opening up discussion, so debate between two intelligent people should be
an education for onlookers.

In the case of our "friends", there is no debate, merely an attempt to force
people into a corner and "prove" that they are "better" - they substitute
mental arm wrestling for debate.

Macon at least knows his stuff - he just cannot bear to admit that there's
more than one way to skin a cat, let alone the other way might be better.
Stuckle is so far up his own fundament, he can see his own shoes.

Boring and sad. But that's life; we learn to cut them out of our lives.

Usenet Survival Rule #1 - Killfile the Barstards.

Their loss.


Re: hotlinkers and screechers

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Hey, Andrew.  I remember your name/nym from days past when AWW was a
more hospitable and interesting place.  Unfortunately that's about all
I remember, but if I'd thought you a bad sort I'd probably remember

I spent a number of decades in the software development business but
only recently have I recognized the screecher mentality for what it
is.  Shows what a dim sort I am, I suppose.  I recall meetings where
some young turk was preaching all the latest stuff he'd read about in
some journal or other (often renamed concepts that were decades old)
and convincing management that he knew The Way... I also remember
management coming into my cubicle later on and quietly asking me to
fix the messes they'd made.  It got old, or maybe I got old...
probably some of both was involved.  A few years ago I got interested
in having a website, and since then I've been building my own sort of
web technology.  I do it because software is an addiction (as you
might realize), not because I need the money; it's nice to have, but
generally speaking it's optional.  Client/server technology was
nothing new to me, but the web as implemented over http has provided a
number of fascinating challenges.

Anyway I'm not one for arm wrestling and have little interest in
debate; discussion though, that's another thing.  Those of us who know
what we know and realize how little it is seem always open to
discussion, there's no telling where you'll pick up some little clue
that unlocks realms.

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Re: hotlinkers and screechers

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I'm a total B******; but I try to apply it where it's deserved, rather than
at 'newbies', or people who genuinely want to learn.


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I'm old enough to see things go the full circle; I'm seeing change for the
sake of change, and then the suddenly understanding of *why* we did it that
way (it worked!). While it's sad, it keeps me amused as I get old!

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So right; people who think they know it all are a menace to those around
them, and in the fast-changing world of the Internet, they're a joke, too!

"She plays the tuba.
It is the only instrument capable
of imitating a distress call."

Re: hotlinkers and screechers

 There is a way to influence what gets discussed in a
 newsgroup that works well, and another way that has
 never worked no matter how many people have tried it.  
 What works: Post articles on the topic you wish to see
 discussed and participate in the resulting discussion.  
 Use killfiles and filters so that you don't see the
 articles containing discussions that you do not like.  
 If you don't know how to use a killfile, use good old
 fashioned discipline and don't read posts by people
 who post articles that you wish there were fewer of.  
 Never, ever respond to any articles that you dislike.  
 What doesn't work: Respond to articles that you don't
 like. Complain about articles that you you don't like.  
 Complain about posters who post material that you you
 don't like.  Complain about how terrible everyone else
 is for not posting things thatt you want them to post.  
 Talk about how to respond to articles that you you
 don't like.  Ignore the good material that you want
 more of while making the bad material that you want
 less of the center of attention, the main topic of
 discussion, and a personal crusade.  
        -Author: Guy Macon <

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