hOSTWAY.COM is unbalievable!!

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How can be in business for this long? I am absolutely
amazed!!! I had these guys for years. And in the last 2 years their
servers needed the application pool rest almost every day. Sometime two
times each day. Of course it took many months before I learned what the
problem was. They never cared and the next so-called support person
acted like they knew nothing about the recurring problem. It finally
took me to figure this out, not Hostway.

It's so strange, no matter how many times I and my employees called
these people, and they rest the server, not once did anyone in that
company try to fix the problems. And you can believe I tried to get
them to do so. You would think the owner or some higher-up would
eventually learn of this and want to fix it. I spent I bet 50 - 80
hours on the phone and emailing these people in two years. No one
cared. Hostway it clearly a joke!!

 Just find a number of others posting similar stories. Evidently these
people are notorious about this. I must wonder who the owner of that
place is. I'm in business and would NEVER allow this. Amazing...

William Tasso
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havn't been getting your specific problem but i have been using hostway

with a couple of clients for the last 18 months and i must say they are

absolutely appaling. their up time is ok but their tech support is
they say 24/7 when in fact its 9-5. as i'm based in israel i don't want
have to wait until 2pm before someone answers an email....
oh, and they charge for every dsn...
i'm moving all the accounts i can to crystaltech as fast as i can.
cheers for the opportunity to have a whinge.

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Re: hOSTWAY.COM is unbalievable!!

Fleeing from the madness of the jungle
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So am I - please explain this ...

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Why are you linking to my site in your post?  Not that I care either way,  
but I don't get the context.  I've never used your host and that page is  
not about your host.

William Tasso

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