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I was looking for a lower-cost alternative host for the Norfolk Lupus Groups
website, as the free first year that Redstation provide is due for renewal
(and the second year aint free), when I happened across Heart Internet.

They say they're offering free hosting with ASP support, and no catches.
They don't slap an advert on any of your pages and for what I require, their
bandwidth limits seem more than adequate.
Their info says they're run by the same guys who ran WebFusion and then
123-reg. Both of those are names that I recognise, but I know nothing of
their reputations.

Their free hosting page is located here ;group=freekeyword&gclid=CMW63tDmmYsCFQXllAodSGVBaQ

Had anybody got any experience of this?
It seems too good to be true if you ask me.

Re: Hosts.

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i use there paid hosting service and I've had no problems with them. I
did use the free service for a while before upgrading and didnt notice
anything untowards.

Re: Hosts.

Fat Sam wrote:

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 From T&C ( ):

6.2  In relation to Heart Internet's obligations under this Agreement in
connection with the provision of the Services, the Customer grants to
Heart Internet a royalty-free, world-wide, non-exclusive licence to use
the Customer Software and all text, graphics, logos, photographs,
images, moving images, sound, illustrations and other material and
related documentation featured, displayed or used in or in relation to
the website ("the Content"). For the avoidance of doubt, this Agreement
does not transfer or grant to Heart Internet any right, title, interest
or intellectual property rights in the Customer Software or the Content.

I *guess* they want to be able to show a screenshot of your site as a
sample of what they offer their (satisfied!) customers, without having
to worry about you whining that they violated your copyright, but I
don't like granting somebody world-wide licence to use my text, logos,
photographs, etc.


Re: Hosts.

John Hosking wrote:
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I suppose by uploading your website onto a webserver, you're automatically
inviting the world to come and look at it anyway, so this really won't be a
problem for me.
I've spoken to Redstation today, and while I won't be transferring the site
to Heart Internet this time, I'll certainly be marking them for future use
and projects.

Re: Hosts.

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Not really... it could be a private site, with protected content.
Heart, from their own terms, could go in over their LAN and take what
they want from your site - whether the public can see those files or
not. Say you uploaded, for example, some album artwork into an
unlinked folder to show a colleague. Random heart person browsing your
server from their local network thinks "hey, nice image" and takes a
copy. You'd have no comeback. You signed all your rights away to that
image soon as it hit their server.

They're fine for small sites, they get great reviews. I'd never use
them for anything commercial.

Re: Hosts.

SpaceGirl wrote:
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Good point.
Fortunately for me (or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint) I don't
tend to do commercial sites anymore. I'm handling charity sites now, and I
generally don't upload anything that I don't want making public anyway. But
I can see exactly where you're coming from here.
As it is, I'm gonna be staying with Redstation anyway. They've always been
great for me and they've come up trumps again.

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