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After being caught in the MIS meltdown, I moved about 30 sites to a reseller account. One of my clients had e-mail problems and
insisted I move again, which I did, taking all of my sites to,
which has done a good job.

I then e-mailed HostNine with a cancellation notice, with the reason. To my
shock, I got a phone call from one of their staffers. He apologized for the
problems I'd had, and explained that they run very tight security on their
servers, including a setting on their e-mail system which slams the door on
what it sees as signs of hacking. My client had a number of employees who
had Outlook set to poll the e-mail server every minute, and the server "saw"
that a danger sign. If the client had set Outlook to a less frequent rate,
or if I had alerted HostNine to modify the security setting slightly, the
problem would have disappeared.

In the few weeks I was on HostNine I was impressed with the friendly,
knowledgeable and helpful attitude of their support folks, and was floored
that they would care enough about a $20/month client to make a
post-cancellation follow-up phone call.

I have no connection with HostNine or HostGator, except as a customer.


Re: HostNine - Wow!

Fleeing from the madness of the SBC jungle
and said:

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ahh - yes, there was a blazing row in here a few years ago with two (that  
I remember) hosts going head to head over this 'issue'.  Of course they  
were both wrong and despite the obvious excellent customer focus @  
hostNime so were they - setting a mail server like this (or in any 'not  
usual' manner) needs to trigger an alert to the customer rather than a  
block in the first instance.  The customer has every right to poll his  
mail server once a minute, the host has every right to block the attempt -  
what should happen is that both parties discuss the needs and  
implications.  The host has all the information and should initiate the  

No sense in pointing to the Ts & Cs - by then the customer has gone.

William Tasso

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