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I have ordered a hosting service.
I gathered information about the compability of my system with the hosting
service but unfortunately now I realize that they dont have support for
innodb table type.

All my db system uses this table type and I need this support.

The company gives me the refund option, but I really think they have a
really good quality/price relation and would wish to keep their transferency
and disk capacity.

My idea is to use a mysql database in other hosting server with innodb

 - Is it possible?

 - Would it be a madness? Would it slow down the site? (if ping times
between host are reasonably low).

 - Do you know a hosting with innodb support at low price and decent
service? (low disk capacity and transferency is not a problem).

(sorry for my bad english)

Re: Hosting with innodb

Fleeing from the madness of the Telefonica Data Espagna jungle
and said:

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May I be so bold as to enquire why?

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technically?  yes, of course.  None of our web servers are troubled with  
running a RDBMS - we have a dedicated server for that.

The downside is - either host may block mySql at the perimeter firewall.

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can't tell - try it?

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it may - depends how optimised your queries are.

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maybe - define 'low price'

William Tasso

Re: Hosting with innodb

William Tasso wrote:
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The best reason to use InnoDB instead of other table types is that it allows
you to use transactions. I use PowerDNS ( backed by a MySQL
database, for example, and PowerDNS requires InnoDB because it needs
transaction support (DNS changes are atomic but usually require more than one
SQL query for each change).

MyISAM doesn't do transactions.

IMHO, MyISAM is good enough for many apps and allows you to simply backup
three files for each database - an InnoDB file is a monolithic file
containing a bunch of InnoDB databases.

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