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Hi All,

First time posting - long time reader... tried searching, but can't get the
proper sytex to get a real answer....

Maybe wanting to host a personal website at home... maybe too much trouble,
but... (have some time to play...)

I am getting the static IP set up next Tureday.  (5 addresses available)
want to save one for personal use... (remote log-in)

Have a spair computer to play with...

Can set up with Winddoz XP-pro or (open to sugestions)

Mainly want this for pictures (landscapes, other misc family related things)
so they can be accessed from the Internet by others..

Can get one of the 1 T drive if need be, but have a bunch of smaller

Am open to sugestions and guidance please.

Thanks in advance - jb

Re: Hosting own webisite

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If you are hosting at home then you don't need a static IP, but it does make
life a lot easier.

Having 5 IP addresses sounds good, but will your router allow you to forward
different IP addresses to different internal computers? I suppose what I'm
saying is does it really make any difference whether you have 5 or just 1?
Does your hardware let you use them all? (It doesn't really matter one way
or the other, just something to think about.)

Be aware that your download speed at home will be a lot faster than your
upload speed. Put another way, you can download files quickly but only push
files out to other people at a much slower rate. This is probably still fine
for a home low traffic site, but if you are sharing large images then be
aware that it might be slow. This is one area where professional hosting can
pay real dividends, but I host at home (as well as with hosting companies)
so I'm not putting this up as a reason not to do it.

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XP Pro or any other box should be fine. Consider whether you want to use the
built in web server (limit of 10 connections - which for a home site is
probably more than you need) or whether you would be better off using
Apache. Personally I've always felt safer with apache, but I can't justify

If you are more at home with a Linux box then use that instead. Use whatever
you are most at home with.

If you are hosting at home then be prepared to leave your pc on 24x7. Keep
it somewhere well ventilated.

Things to watch:
1. Only forward the ports you need to your hosting box. If its just http
then only forward port 80.
2. Ensure that your box has up to date anti-virus software.
3. Keep an eye on your logs - someone will try to hack you, but you'd be
unlucky for them to succeed.
4. Since you will need to leave your pc on 24x7, keep it somewhere whell
5. I wouldn't recommend hosting on the pc that you normally use. This is in
case it does get compromised. I think you said it would be with a spare pc.

I'm sure there is more that I should be saying, but I can't think of
anything for now. I'm sure others will add to the list.
Brian Cryer

Re: Hosting own webisite


Thanks you for your kind advice.  Being that this just a "time burner" and
toy thing, I will set up a spair box - wisdoz, and use just one connection.

I mentioned the 5 as that is what the static ip service comes with...

Like I said - toy time and funnr thing....

Is there a basic step by step set up instructions out there?? (not a
computer geek, just enough knowledge to be dangerous....... just ask my
current (and still future) web-hostes....  she sets me straight at least
once a month.... for screwing something up....)

Thanks again, jb

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Re: Hosting own webisite

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Great way to learn.

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I don't know of any step-by-step instructions. I'm sure someone must have
written some, I just don't know of any to recommend.

Just be sure that you don't compromise your own security. Only open port 80
(i.e. on your router forward port 80 to the box you are using for hosting).
Be aware that the IP address of your internal PC won't be the same as your
external IP, so internally you will have to access your website using a
different address to everyone else externally. (There is a way round this,
it involves either using your own DNS server or editing your hosts file -
but its an extra complication until you know everything else is working.)

I suggest getting it working internally first before you open it to the

What every you do, enjoy and learn. Post back here when you have specific
issues and someone should be able to help.
Brian Cryer

Re: Hosting own webisite

johnb wrote:

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A "sugestion" that comes to mind is a spell checeker.

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Re: Hosting own webisite

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Run away screaming.

Karl Groves

Re: Hosting own webisite

johnb schreef:
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That's hard to believe.

When you google for "set up your own web-host"
a couple of the first results are:

- Become Your Own Web Host in 75 Steps

- How to set up your own web hosting

- How to host a web site - Overview /

- How to set up a Web Server in Less than 5 Minutes
( /)

and after these four there are lots more....

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You're welcome


Re: Hosting own webisite


THANKS  - could not get the correct search syntex..... so soon smart, by
then it's to late to remember...

and as for running - that may happen yet...

take care


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Re: Hosting own webisite

johnb wrote:
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I agree with Karl.  Don't do it.

What are you going to to when the power goes out, your cable/dsl line
dies, or your machine hangs up right after you start a 2-week vacation?

You can get decent shared hosting for $50/yr.  And they take care of
those things for you.

You'll spend that much on electricity just keeping you computer powered on.

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Jerry Stuckle
JDS Computer Training Corp.

Re: Hosting own webisite


Well put..... if this is a "real" website,,I strongly AGREE with you and the
others here,, but this is just a toy-thing - something to do for a while...

I have several (sites) that ARE hosted for real $$ and am VERY happy with
their service and will continue to support them!

I guess the reason that I want to go this way is because I think that I can
, if it dosen't work out,so what, I have spent more $$$ on a louzy meal and
30 min later - WOOSH.........

Besides, I am bored, a little fresh use of the brain cells is needed and
winter is approaching (in WI, this CAN get long and VERY boring).... hence
the change of scenery..

Appreciate all the advice given so far

//// and as a side note for the "get a spell checker" person.......
Hey DUDE here's some paternal  advice:: back off - calm down, take your meds
(or check in and get them re-eveluated), and get a real life that will
accomplish something, besides picking on those that less perfect then you
attempt to be, or want to be or......

The REAL world is not perfect, I will never get that way - too restraining,
need to stretch out and venture out of your little head, the voices
eventually will get way too loud and get confusing - so, again, learn to
relax, chill out and enjoy while you can, cause there WILL be the day

Getting back to the "set up" thing ... looking very interesting.... getting
an error 1...oh well,  re-reading on, and on, and on ???<BG>

Thanks again,

John b

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