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I am looking for a hosting service that can provide a dedicated IP
address with no server of any kind on it. In other words, I want
a Nolisting server, also known as a Black Hole.  I want all packets
to that IP address to be silently discarded. This can, of course,
be done at the firewall. Can anyone suggest a hosting service that
is flexible enough to handle this?  I tried a couple of large
hosting providers and found that their automated systems can't do
what I want done.

The astute reader may be wondering why I don't use one of the
existing unroutable addresses.  The problem with doing that
involves the Bogon List. (For those not familiar with the Bogon
List, see [ ].

I tried some experiments using Nolisting as defined here:

[ ]
[ ]

...and found that the advice at [ ] (See
"I don't have a spare IP address. Can I use an undefined host,
loopback address or bogon?") is correct, and that some sending
email servers act differently if the IP address is on the Bogon
List.  So I need my own Black Hole IP Address.

Also See:

Project Tarbaby

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Slashdot thread criticizing Nolisting

Guy Macon

Re: Hosting for Nolisting

On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 22:29:04 +0000, Guy Macon <

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How much do you think such a service should cost?  I've got a few netblocks
that have spares that would work.
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Re: Hosting for Nolisting

Guy Macon < wrote:

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I'd assume pretty much any host would likely be willing to for a price
(I don't see why they wouldn't).  I suppose I've never considered how
many might refuse if it's not on their list of services already.  I'd
think that a lot of hosts would be willing to simply set you up with a
dedicated IP and only allow the service or response you want (if any),
even if it takes 2 minutes of their time to do it manually (if their
scripts don't automate that option -- I could see why few would
automate that, but not why they'd refuse to do it).  I'd ask the
providers you've tried and see if they'll do that for you.
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