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I'm looking for a hosting company that offers the following:

24/7 customer service via toll free number or "livechat"

SSH access (non-negotiable, must have)
PHP (5 preferrable, but 4.3 will do)
MySQL >= 4
htaccess editing (for error page handling)
atleast 5 subdomains
CPanel preferred
Ability to set up cron jobs via crontab *or* through cpanel

Server status page would be nice - with messages indicating why a
server is down when it is down and the expected time it will be back

I have had pretty shoddy experiences recently with two hosting
companies that claim 99.9% uptime.  The server hosting my site
currently was down for 48 hours in September and over 24 hours in
August.  So, uptime, and accurate reporting of uptime is essential.
I'm not looking for "cheap", I'm looking for good.  Any recommendations
would be appreciated tremendously.

Thanks in advance.

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You an MIS customer?   Sounds like my experience there in Sept and

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Your own colo server with choose your level, add $20/mo for cpanel.
Prices for your own entire colo server would start $90/mo with
cpanel.   Just don't set hte cpanel server to auto update!

Todd H. /

Re: hosting

Any one have any experience with

Todd H. wrote:
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Re: hosting

On 1 Oct 2006 10:53:24 -0700, wrote:

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Yes. We host The Probert Encyclopaedia on a dedicated RAQ4 server at

Have done for some time now, during which we have had occassions to
call them for support, mainly at 0300 ish local time, and including on
Sunday mornings. Always there, always resolved matters within minutes.

When we had a hardware failure due to a faulty fan in the computer,
they fixed it immediately and has us back online within minutes.

Similarly, when we had server overloads so severe we couldn't log in
to reboot, they did a hardware reboot for us within minutes of it
being requested.


Veritas Vincti

Re: hosting

Todd H. wrote:

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If I search for my site, which is with MIS, it shows
the Netblock owner as Internet Services, Inc.

Searching for < gives
the same Netblock owner.  What does that mean?

Re: hosting

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ThePlanet bought servermatrix.

MIS probably has one of those no frill sboxes down there.  The
difference is that they have hertofore relied upon cpanel auto-updates
which have been the smoking gun responsible for those two outages you
cite.  You and  Imust be on the same server, and I'm shopping around

Todd H. /

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