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Some Hostgator customers, including me, are unhappy about the way the
company is handling an upgrade to its accounts. In late December, HG
announced that it was more than doubling the disk space and bandwidth
allotted to shared hosting and reseller accounts. For example, their
entry-level reseller account went from 5 gigs of space to 12. That put them
at least equal to most of the competing good-quality providers.

However, existing customers will not have their accounts upgraded for some
time -- perhaps three months or longer. HG apparently is adding disk space
to its existing servers one at a time, and is upgrading accounts of
customers on those servers as each is completed.

As a result, both a new and an existing customer using HG's entry-level
reseller account now pay $25 a month, but the existing custome have only
about 40% of the space and bandwidth available to the new customer.

Not surprisingly, some longtime customers are annoyed. (Others seem OK with
the arrangement, feeling HG has given them a bonus for which they are
willing to wait patiently.)

HG is not providing a specific timeline for upgrades. It is simply saying it
"may" take three months, possibly longer, but it has not disclosed when the
individual server on which a customer's accounts are hosted is scheduled for
the upgrade.

One can jump the queue by re-registering as a new customer, getting a new
account with the higher limits, and then moving sites from the old account
to the new one. HG says it will not do these transfers, because it is too
busy with the server upgrades. (It does offer free transfers to customers
moving from competing hosts.) So existing customers have to do some extra
work, and pay for two accounts for a few days, in order to get the same
capacity given to new customers.

I'm not delighted with the situation, but do have to give HG credit for
uptime and service. My accounts are monitored by an external service which
shows I've been getting 100% uptime for almost all the time I've been with
them. Service tickets are handled quickly and competently, and live chat
help is available if needed. So they deliver on the basics, but they seem to
have implemented this upgrade rather awkwardly.


Re: Hostgator -- Good News, Bad News

Alex wrote:

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When you signed up with them, you agreed that this was a fair price for
the services you were getting. Now they plan to give you even more. What
is there to complain about? Be patient with them. Let them upgrade your
account when they can, then be happy that you are getting more for your

Re: Hostgator -- Good News, Bad News

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This is the point of view expressed by a number of Hostgator customers, and
it does have merit.

Still, I have a current need for the additional capacity, and am not pleased
that a new customer who signs up today gets about two and a half times the
capacity for the same amount of money I am paying.

Since reseller accounts are involved, in effect HG is giving a reseller who
signs up today a significant competitive advantage over its current
customers for the next three months or longer. That doesn't seem equitable,
much less a way for HG to reward longtime customers.

I'd also like to have a clearer timeline on when my account will be upgraded
if I decide to wait it out. This is, after all, a business relationship, and
Hostgator could do a better job of giving their customers the information
they need to make a business decision.


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