Hostedscripts antispam?

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Came across this the other day... was wondering if anyone uses this, and
/or thinks it's an effective way to annoy spammers?

I guess the spambot's supposed to get tons of bogus emails,
contaminating their lists.  Whether they truly care or not, dunno.  I
was a loyal member of bluefrog, which worked excellent, until they caved
in to terrorist-like spammer threats.  Darnit...

I'd guess this isnt' so much antispam as antispammer.  But if it's
effective in some way, I'll use it...


Re: Hostedscripts antispam?

Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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not sure I understand the point of this technique.

however, if used in conjunction with techniques to slow down the spider  
process or the mail out process then I'm all for it.

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it would seem spammers don't care about invalid addresses.

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ahh - yes, but the threats are only effective if decent ordinary punters  
are using real mail addresses at their own domains.  An underground  
movement of like minded folk could easily outwit such a thing.

The 'decentralise' idea may have legs.  We'll see.

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one thing I've wondered about these auto-gen apps is how that can be  
assured they won't use a domain name that is, or will become, in use.

William Tasso

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