HorN's rating system - anyone know how it works?

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I am interested in rating systems.

My (joke) photo *apparently* got a "9"... whereas the average of the
ratings was WAY different !


Check this graph out

After 133 votes being placed, my photo is apparently "9 - hotter then
89% of the men on this site", however checkout the variance graph
showing the actual votes cast. The most popular rating was clearly 5,
and next most popular was 6... and by eye the average must have been
about 6 or 7 - but certainly nowhere near 9 !

I dont *begin* to understand the system used by  www.hotornot.com (and
after more than 12 billion votes being placed on their system, they
must have put a lot of thought into this issue).

Any thoughts?

Shiperton Henethe

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