Homemade site with 3 full length movies running for free!

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It's a great new movie link site with a ton of homemade content and
the webmaster hasn't installed the passwords yet so all three full
length movies are completely free....gotta see!

http://www.thelunacycompound.com /

They are also looking for content trades, swingers to play with and are

running a contest.

Pack a lunch to visit this site.


Re: Homemade site with 3 full length movies running unless you pay me not to!

i want to do something like that, but my idea is to have people pay me NOT
to post movies of my horrible naked body featuring me in all kinds of
depraved activity. just think, for your simple donation of only $5.00USD,
you can rest assured that visions of my flab and horrible skin will never
afflict your sensorium and even more importantly, upon the children of this
world. it is a worthy cause, your little bit for world peace.

and if you do not pay me, you have been warned. don't come complaining to me
after the fact, i don't want to hear about nausea or lost lunches, i'm not
paying for your therapy, i don't care what your mother thinks when she
finds out. read NOT RESPONSIBLE.

god gave me a body and i'm out to use it as a weapon of mass extortion.

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