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I'm currently on a 5M/384K ADSL broadband package. For another E120 (stg£80)
per month, I can upgrade to a 5M/512K package with unlimited bandwidth.

Are these speeds getting close to the point where hosting and email from
home can be seriously considered as an alternative to a dedicated server?

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Fleeing from the madness of the  jungle
and said:

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for your own personal web site? yes, of course - 64k is enough.  I have a  
server or two hung on the end of one of my home connections - mostly for  
development.  For a commercial site - no, not ever.  It's not just the  
advertised speed (don't forget this is the max speed you will see), it's  
also the latency as all those requests wander around a great big DSL cloud.

If you live close enough to the exchange you may be able to get sDSL which  
typically comes with a better SLA.  Even then I would prefer a leased line  
for business.  Not forgetting that the datacentre provides climate control  
and 'always-on' power.

Mail opens another can of worms entirely.  Performance is not so critical  
for mail servers as it's unusual for folk to treat mail as a real-time  
medium.  First you have to be sure your ISP hasn't blocked outgoing smtp,  
then you have to ensure you can alter the rDNS entry for your IP.  There  
are some (many?) ISPs in Europe blocking mail from known ISPs - matching  
on the rDNS entry.

One more potential gotcha - will your ISP let you have more IPs if/when  
you need them?

William Tasso


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Martin Harran wrote:
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  Not really. As William Tasso mentioned it is okay for low volume
personal use.
  The problem is the low upload bandwidth. Servers upload far more than
download, the opposite of users. You can get a site with a hosting service
that is much less than what you are paying for home service, have far
greater bandwidth for the server, plus the advantages of the support the
service offers.

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Martin Harran wrote:
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Besides the bandwidth, server farms have multiple redundant communications links
across multiple lines (routed via different providers), UPS's for short outages
with generators for longer outages.

And what happens if your system need a reboot the day after you left on a 2 week
holiday to Antarctica?

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Jerry Stuckle wrote:
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With Fiber Optics not far in the future I think you will see it
happening more often, but another issue is protection, do you want a
lot of home users with always on servers connected to there network...
If improperly secured you could be a target to many hackers. Also back
ups are if your running databases on your home server are you going to
back up your info everyday, I know its not hard but how many of us
actually would?

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Martin Harran wrote:
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Hosting your own email from broadband may get some of your emails lost or

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Martin Harran wrote:

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Depends on your traffic levels.

I host my web site and mail server, and a few other smaller websites at
home. I currently have a 2M/512k ADSL connection, but when I first started
doing this it was only 512k/256k. (It is mostly the uplink speed that's

Don't expect quite the same levels of performance that you'd get with
datacentre hosting, but home hosting does have a few other advantages --
e.g. 24 hour physical access to the server for hardware/software upgrades,
complete control of the configuration, etc.

Make sure you have an ISP that will provide you with at least one static
IP address; and make sure its terms and conditions allow you to run a

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That seems incredibly expensive. I'm currently only paying Ā£27 per month
for 2M/512k, with 8 static IPs; and my ISP are planning on upgrading all
their customers to 8M/480k in a month or so at no additional charge.

Where are you based?

If the UK, look at Andrews and Arnold (Google for it).

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Ireland - don't start me about Broadband in Ireland :(

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