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I want some help. I want to make an iframe, but not an iframe of all url,
but just part of it. Lets say that I have something with dimensions of
280*300 but i just want to show 250*300 in my iframe, So, i want to take of
30 px of bottom. :-D How can i do it in code? Iframe, div, or something
ellse, doesnt matter, just that it works fine? :)

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It sounds like you want to hide the iframe's scrollbars.  Just set the  =

scrolling attribute of the iframe to no, like so:

<iframe src=3D"URI" width=3D"250" height=3D"300" scrolling=3D"no"></ifra=

However, in Firefox and Opera, users will still be able to scroll the  =

content using alternative methods, like the mousewheel or arrow keys.


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