hits from newsgroup? what does this mean?

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I know this is a silly request, but I have been looking at the website stats
from my host, and I see one of the options id links from a newsgroup- I
wanted to see if someone could click on my signature so I can see what shows
up for that, I have never don't newsgroup advertising, but it would be
interesting to see if it tracks those clicks. I dont understand how it
would, I would think it would be tracked as a 'direct address' as I read my
newsgroups in outlook express. (I know I know, not the right program for
that, LOL, I keep it simple)

I SWEAR this is not spam, LOL, I could care less if you look at the page, I
just want to see the 'referral's info that shows up. anyone used newsgroups
to advertise, I never considered it as most advertising I have seen on
newsgroups has been spam. Any comments on that feel free. I could be wrong.

Anyway, please let me know if you click on it so I can see if it shows in my
stats page-- this is what I am seeing now- - thanks in advance!!!-
Connect to site from   Origin Pages Percent Hits Percent
      Direct address / Bookmarks 924 69.5 % 1734 58.4 %
      Links from a NewsGroup
      Links from an Internet Search Engine
            - Google 28 28
            - MSN 26 26
            - A9.com 1 1
            - Yahoo 1 1
     56 4.2 % 56 1.8 %
      Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines)

Eve Lester

Re: hits from newsgroup? what does this mean?

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I've clicked your link, so you should see at least one referral.

Your site does make me wonder whether your posting might have been spam, but
I'll take you at your word.
Brian Cryer

Re: hits from newsgroup? what does this mean?

Eve Lester
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thanks brian, it did not show up as a 'newsgroup' refferal, so i guess they
cant track it afterall. Maybe thats only for like web based newsgrous or
something. I dont know.

And yeah, the site looks spammy, but it works LOL, i am doing it for a
friend who is apparantly getting refferals and such from it, but I wouldnt
spam a webmaster newsgroup with a site made for 16-20 year old kids, esp
when it is completely table based and horribly designed-- but that is a
whole other post!!

Thanks again for testing that, I was just courious if it would show up.

Ok, enough late night working, im off to bed (now that the birds are

Thanks again!

Re: hits from newsgroup? what does this mean?

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Why not simply check what your stats program uses to classify referral
links?  That and/or go through the raw logs.  Odds are it is using
news:// to designate NewsGroup, and there are probably very few
newsreaders that actually pass that along instead of having the URL
opened by the user's preferred browser.  In short, there are more
reliable ways to track link sources.

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